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Comment Re:Easy Fix! (Score 1) 326

DONE. I go to a MD that takes no insurance and I pay by cash. If you want to you can get rid of your insurance company also.

While I do have health insurance I go to an MD that doesn't take any health insurance because the quality of care is better and the cash price he charges me is less than an MD that takes insurance would charge.

Comment Re:wrong premise (Score 1) 200

> those people who apply to places like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

Nope. The number of minorities applying at Google and Facebook is small because few minorities are able to gain the required experience because no one in Silicon Valley will hire them.

Anyone who has worked in Silicon Valley and has looked at their coworkers can see there is a problem. I have worked many years in Silicon Valley and I don't ever recall ever working with a black engineer.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 4, Informative) 360

Trump has never changed his position. He stated that the current H-1B system as being done is bad for the country. However, the idea behind H-1B visas of importing highly talented persons that the US work force can not supply as being good. The media has no interest in writing about such a nuanced opinion.

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