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Comment Tor and /. just don't mix (Score 1) 123

On the topic of Tor use... Viewing /. through the Tor browser bundle sucks. It's the goddamn autorefresh feature. Go stick a tube down someone else's throat - if I want my goddamned page updated, I'll do it myself. When it happens on auto, i get what I'm looking at whipped away from me, then it takes a while to reload and render and jerks my damn page position around or just sends me to the pink-page-of-untrusted-ip-address-shame. Autorefresh sucks, m-kay?

Comment Do I have to have a subject thingy? (Score 1) 271

Call me old fashioned but if that had been a real cabinet meeting held underwater due to climate change induced by other countries, the prez wouldn't be signing a document calling for global cuts in carbon emissions, he'd be giving an order to assassinate the biggest polluters. btw Those billions of dollars for setting up shop in someone else's backyard kind of reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons in which Homer spent the entire city budget on waste removal, Sprindfield ended up drowning in it's own and everyone else's filth and then had to relocate to get away from the mess.

Comment Read on... (Score 1) 134

Fucktard, censorious, blue-nosed wowser hypocrites... They watch all the porn, read all the best seditious literature and play all the latest games - someone else pays for it - and then they say 'This stuff is ok for us, our souls and psyches are bullet-proof, but everyone else out there is too delicate'. Fuckyouall, censorshit bitches - they want to use their seemingly boundless moral fibre creds to censor what I see and hear but where's their moral fortitude? The fucking chickenshits don't have the guts to make themselves known, there's no debate, just this fear based, knee-jerk bullshit masquerading as unquestionable authority.

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