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Submission + - First Computer Music from 1951 Restored (

BoxRec writes: Alan Turing was part of a team who created the earliest known recording of music produced by a computer. It starts with a few bars of "God Save the Queen", a snippet of Baa Baa Black Sheep and then Glenn Miller's swing hit In The Mood.

Comment Eye Candy v Functionality (Score 5, Insightful) 151

I use the desktop for work, since April 2011 Linux desktops have promoted Eye Candy above Functionality. I am not just moaning about Fedora here, these are generalized complaints. Will I be able to switch instantly between windows/desktops ? probably not, there will be some lag due to the necessities of Eye Candy. Will I have a visual indicator of which documents I have open, nope, I will have to rely on subtle clues hidden at the edge of the monitor to hunt for them. Will I be able to quickly and easily navigate/tab down to some little used graphics program, nope I will to use a graphic menu clicking all over the place and making sense of the whole screen or even worse have to google for the name and type it in.

Submission + - The LED is 50 years old (

BoxRec writes: "The light-emitting diode has brightened our lives for half a century — from lighting up the city streets at night, to decorating Christmas trees each December.
The LED started life in October 1962, as a single red illumination in a General Electric research lab in New York state.
Prof Nick Holonyak Jr from the University of Illinois, takes a look back at how it all began with his invention of the first practical visible-spectrum light-emitting diode."

Comment Unity === Useless (Score 1) 798

I use Ubuntu for work and Unity is an unmitigated disaster. I receive reports in many different formats, PDF, DOC, JPEG, HTML, PNG etc and need to refer back and forth between them. Pre-Unity this involved glancing at the bottom tool bar and clicking the report name. With Unity - I have to stop and think, "where is the switcher" oh yes it's on the left. Move the mouse to the left and then wait for it to appear. Now I don't know what format the report is in so I have to start at the top with Firefox and work my way down the different programs. If I am lucky I only have a few reports in each format and if they are distinct I can spot the one I am looking for with ALT-TAB. However more often than not I have to switch into the report to see if it is the one I need. If I have more than say 15 reports open I can forget where I am and go around in circles looking for reports. This rigmarole takes forever and is mentally draining. I have swapped back to Gnome2 now and it's a great relief. Mark Shuttleworth - the man who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

Submission + - Chocolate 3D Printer (

BoxRec writes: "Scientists in England have developed a 3D chocolate printer. "Now we have an opportunity to combine chocolate with digital technology, including the design, digital manufacturing and social networking. Chocolate has a lot of social purpose, so our intention is to develop a community and share the designs, ideas and experience about it.""

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