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Comment Re:Lots of places use COBOL (Score 4, Insightful) 217

It's even easier than that:

1. Put aside your age biases
2. Hire one of the multitude of experienced COBOL developers who cannot find jobs because they're over 50

As a hiring manager, I see too many of my peers pass over older professionals in favor of some young hotshot they think is "cheap" and will work long hours. They don't recognize that this hotshot is padding his resume and biding his time until he finds the cool job he really wants, usually within 2-4 years. Meanwhile, those "old" pros would crank out far more quality code in their 40-45 hour weeks than hotshot would in 60, and they'll be happy to stick around for the long haul.

(And no, I'm not suggesting that all older developers are better than all younger ones. People are people. But rampant age discrimination is one reason this industry struggles to find good people.)

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