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Comment Re:Question (Score 3, Informative) 162

Each update must be acknowledged and scheduled for installation by the user, although theoretically there might be a backdoor way for them to remotely install updates without user consent. If you ever go a Tesla Service Center you'll need to remember to tell them not to install software updates for you (since they will commonly do that as a courtesy).

However, there will also be a point where features in the older software versions may no longer be supported and capabilities may degrade, particularly if Tesla's server-side communications specific to those older versions are discontinued, particularly around the navigation features. The Tesla Service Center may also say that they are logistically unable to fix or support some issues without upgrading to a current version.

Comment Re:Don't modern plans almost fly themselves? (Score 1) 421

Although commercial planes do fly on autopilot for most of the flight once they are in cruise, you still need the pilots that are fully capable of controlling the plane and landing it when the autopilot suddenly drops offline because the pitot tubes freeze, wings ice over, a gyro fails, or an engine catches on fire. The routine flights can indeed be handled by most any low-time pilot, but the unusual circumstances are where you need pilots with sufficient experience.

Comment Re:Here's a proposal for the developers (Score 1) 150

The top 100 most often played missions at the end of every month are guaranteed to be played by the developers or GMs or player volunteers, and officially rated. Those that are good get awarded manually and a form of in-game badge next to them.

There is already a "Dev's Choice" and "Hall of Fame" category for missions that have been officially played by staff. Those missions receive special recognition and will reward players with standard item drops, rather than tickets.

Now you could go slightly further by changing things so that missions have not been approved do not receive tickets or experience at all. This has been discussed in their forums and many vocal users indicated that would not have any motivation to create or play (legitimate non-farm) architect missions if that were the case.


Submission + - Device Uses Solar Energy to Convert Carbon Dioxide

jnguy writes: reports that Scientist at University of California, San Diego have developed a device that can capture sun light, convert it to electrical energy and turn carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide and oxygen. Millions of pounds of carbon monoxide are used every year to manufacture chemicals such as detergents and plastics. Carbon monoxide can also be converted into liquid fuel. Not only does the device provide energy, but it also reduces greenhouse gas. The device is not yet optimized, as it requires an external source of energy. University of California also has a press release. The research is supported by the Department of Energy

Submission + - More Microsoft Patent FUD

The FUD Patrol writes: "Looks like the Borg collective is at it again, this time building up their case for the inevitable future attack against Linux. Microsoft yesterday announced a deal with Samsung which gives Microsoft access to Samsung's patent portfolio in exchange for protection money... Or a covenant not to sue, whatever the kids call it these days. Do you think that Microsoft is getting ready to do what SCO couldn't?"

Feed Arcane Senate Rule Helps Preserve Antiquated Senate Practice (

Back in February, we pointed to a story about the absurd system that Senators use to disclose their campaign contributions. Unlike their counterparts in the House, Senators don't have to file their contributions electronically, and instead file them using a tortuous process that involves needless photocopying and hand entry of the data. Not only is this time consuming, but it also costs taxpayers $250,000 per year. That's not a whole lot by government standards, but since it's a total waste it's still depressing. It looked like the Senate was all set to scrap the old system, but just as it was set to come to a vote, another arcane Senate rule came into play as Senator Lamar Alexander stood up and announced that on behalf of an anonymous Senator he would block the vote. Yes, the Senate has a rule that allows an anonymous coward, as we'd call them around here, to block any vote. So at this point it's not clear if or when electronic disclosure will be adopted in the Senate. It's lovely how democracy works, isn't it?
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Speeding ticket sold online

An anonymous reader writes: A New Zealand man successfully sold off half of his speeding ticket to online bidders, this article outlines the story:

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