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Comment Re:COM Automation = ActiveX (Score 1) 251

I'm fairly certain they did this to allow more Office interoperability, since Office still uses quite a bit of COM crap. As for it being a Windows bias, I don't really think that has any meaning since COM doesn't exist on the other platforms (not that I'm aware of, anyway). Besides, COM Interop is a nightmare to work with and I've only ever seen developers use it when they had no other choice (i.e. the PHB has to have his automated data dump of a 4-column table in a perfectly formatted Excel 2003 file rather than a .csv)

Comment Re:claims (Score 1) 657

I agree that it is a bad patent just because it is an obvious thing to do. However, I think comparing it to sudo is a bit of a stretch. Maybe I'm running the wrong version of Linux, but I've never had sudo pop up and tell me that I don't have permission to do something and would I please provide the password to an account that does have said permission. Is "Permission denied" a sudo prompt that I have been hitherto unaware?
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Console Port of The Witcher On Hold 23

Several sources are reporting that work on The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf, a console port of the popular PC game, has officially been suspended. CD Projekt, makers of the original game, were working with WideScreen Games on the new version. WideScreen says that CD Projekt missed a significant payment for their role in the development, leading them to stop work on the game. They are emphatic that development won't continue until CD Projekt makes good on the debt, but CD Projekt says, "All payments were done on time according to milestone plan. ... Truth is that payments were later than originally planned but this was solely due to delays in production. The delays were growing in the project due to WSG [continuing] to miss the deadlines." The game's future is uncertain.

Comment Re:I'm actually convinced that the broken model is (Score 1) 126

I think in addition to a shakeout in advertising prices, no one has really figured out how to make good internet advertising. Companies have become so infatuated with motion and interactivity that they have abandoned the principles that drove good advertising in the past. They resort to cheap gimicks to try to grab your attention rather than focusing on the quality of the content.

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