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Submission + - Google Video Race Against Time Goes Distributed (nicalderton.com) 3

Bottles writes: Following Google's announcement to shut down Google Video (previously reported on Slashdot), the Archive Team has inspired a group of volunteers to join together to preserve as much of the content as possible: some 2.5 — 2.8 million videos. In a few short days the effort has evolved from a simple wiki suggesting people band together to download automatically generated lists of video ID's via a crude automated script to a centralised, distributed batch management system which assigns unique video ID's to volunteers' machines for download. The system, developed by Alex Buie in less than 48 hours, is now the recommended way to preserve the content and to avoid duplicate downloads. Watch videos roll in live here thanks to PubNub and read on to find out how you can help.

The clock is ticking to download as much as possible by the 29th of April — before Google throws the switch. Thereafter, Archive.Org has assigned a 140TB buffer for uploads into its 1 petabyte of storage space to house the preserved content. After the cutoff, downloaders can offload their content at their leisure.

The team from around the world, spearheaded and coordinated by Jason Scott, has been working solidly and altruistically. No selection criteria have been applied to the content; the idea is to preserve everything, if possible; however various team members have been working on collating word lists for searches: by concept, year, country etc. In this way they have a growing master list of some 2449000 unique video ID's to be processed of which around 15% are already saved.

You can help out. Please visit the wiki and the #googlegrape irc channel on EFNET, download the scripts and donate a little bandwidth and storage to preserve as much as possible before the cutoff date. There is less than a week left.

Comment VoIP Service And SIP Client? (Score 2) 208

I have a VoIP service contract which provides me with one or more landline numbers (free incoming calls) that route to my SIP client via Wifi or GPRS. Outgoing calls are prepaid to the same VoIP provider and are shown on caller-ID as coming from one of the landlines. Missed calls are taken as messages and e-mailed to me as .WAV's. SIP to SIP calls are free.

Scout around for a VoIP provider. I use VoipTalk and never had a problem.

Comment Re:Put your money where your mouth is? (Score 1) 335

I hate what mankind's overpopulation and destruction of the environment has inspired in our benevolent masters, a subtle plan to reduce pollution by ruining the airport/airplane experience. So much so that I am on a personal boycott of all sex (unless forced to for pleasure, not reproduction). I know it will be awesome but I do it on Wednesdays.

I agree.

Me too.

What she said.

Comment Re:There is an app for that. (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Since the time wasted of my life can never be recovered, a punitive fine of ten times that wasted time removed from the telemarketing company CEO's life should be perfectly reasonable.

'Did you resent that waste of your time? Press *1 to remove one minute fifteen seconds from Mr M Sandon's life now.'

I understand it's an option on the latest Asterisk build.

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