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Comment Re:Root (Score 1) 93

"Once launched with administrator privileges..."

Well, there's your problem.

This rarely happens, as it seems. I hope, at least.

However, once someone figures out that common PHP applications, which are currently mostly exploited for sending spam and distributing malware, can be abused in this crypto-ransom fashion, some "interesting" times will follow. Specially vulnerable deployments are those where the very same user that owns executable files is used for running that application too (I am looking at your defaults, cPanel), or, to a lesser extent, applications that permit executable code in some writeable directories.

I guess encrypting application code will not be THAT problematic, but encrypting database content is another matter altogether.

Hosting companies raising backup restore prices in 3, 2, 1...

Comment Re:I used to do this (Score 2) 592

Precisely the opposite of my experience (albeit on MB Air).

To summarize what is explained below with more details, when I bought MB Air and installed Ubuntu, I consented to:
* some configuration tweaking in the beginning (wifi, brightness bug, etc)
* occasional packet loss on Wifi (reboot resolves the issue)
* some SATA controller errors in syslog
* occasional problems with hibernation (if that happens, it succeeds if I reopen and close the lid again)
* having to hold down alt key on every reboot to boot Ubuntu (I consider this a feature as it hides my OS)

* quality hardware,
* longer battery life (even surpassing OS X),
* way more usable OS (personal opinion),

Longer explanation:

I was a Linux (Ubuntu mostly) user before and I did not own any MB before Air. General experience with laptops+linux was: it generally works well, except for exotic components and 3/4 of battery life compared to Windows.

I must note here that Ubuntu satisfies my computing requirements very well (sysadm work, Linux systems mostly) and having multiple workspaces and being able to quickly switch from one to another really aids mental context switch when I get the call about something unrelated to my current task.

So, when I got MBAir, I really tried (honestly, I really did) to use OS X as my primary OS. However after a couple of days of frustration (with the final nail in the OSX coffin being requirement to pay around 20$ to get workspaces in two rows!) I gave in and installed 14.04. I try to think of myself as NOT retarded for computing-related stuff, but if after a couple of days OS still feels weird (or better, if going from Ubuntu to MacOSX feels like step back), I do not believe "the most intuitive OS" any more.

Hardware wise, what surprised me was that battery life was even better than if I run OS X (15h vs 12h). Note that nothing cpu-intensive is done on this machine - it is generally a lightweight terminal to servers that do the heavy lifting.

I learned to live with glitches that come with running Ubuntu on this HW. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again (except for those days of OS X frustration).

My €2c.


Comment Re:Hyperthreading (Score 2, Interesting) 186

According to my server metric graphs the additional threads are only useful for WIO CPU states.

For example, on Intel 4core i7 920 processor, enabling hyperthreading impersonates additional four cores. But CPU utilization reported by metrics software shows that USR and SYS cpu times will only go up to 50% and WIO will add another 12%. This corresponds to having a virtual core used for waiting to IO stuff. Additional 3 virtual cores do not serve anything at all.


Submission + - Internet censorship proposal in Slovenia 1

BostjanSkufca writes: Slovenian government is trying to introduce legislation that would make ISP-level filtering mandatory, all in order to prevent cash flow to international gambling sites without Slovenian gambling concession. Currently court order is required to enforce filtering, but this proposal would enable various government offices to issue such orders. National Assembly (parliament) already passed this proposal in December (none of the parliament members objected it, few even expressed firm support) but it was later suspended by veto of the Council of State.
Before this Slovenia had only single major IC incident. It was in 2003 when website became public and started serving leaked documents (including personal information disclosure) about Yugoslovan secret police operatives (UDBA: At that time The Office for Protection of Personal Data ordered ISPs to block traffic to aforementioned website. It was later proved that this order was in fact violating legislation of that time.

Google translation of article from Delo newspaper is here:

Comment Re:I thought they.. (Score 1) 635

Mine were:
"Insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, insect, love."

Why did I reply to the last one with "love" insead of "insect"? Well, after nine "insect" answers I thought I was going to be tagged as "not normal" if I only saw insects there, so I had to outweight the first nine answers :)
I didn't take the test voluntarily, obviously.

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