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Comment 1 000 000 computers... (Score 1) 127

... that's a square 1000 x 1000 meters. Now place 5 "normal" computers next to each other in two layers and you need about 100 000 square meters. Divide 100 000 by 8 data centers (Atlanta, North/South Carolinas, Chicago, California, Oregon, Taiwan, Ireland) = 12 500 square meters per data center. If every data center has 2 floors than you need a building like 80 x 80 x 5 meters. And you still have enough place for the guys with wheelbarrows :) Anyway a data center like this would be about a size of an industry bakery for a slightly bigger town - 100 000 inhabitants. About the same size, about the same power consumption. Nothing spectacular.

Prince Says Internet Is Over 450

the_arrow writes "According to the artist currently known as Prince, 'The internet's completely over.' At least that what he says in an interview with the British newspaper Mirror. Quoting Prince: 'The internet's like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can't be good for you.'"
XBox (Games)

An Early Look At Halo: Reach 107

KatanAlpha writes "Based on all the information coming out about Halo: Reach, it seems that Bungie's basic philosophy has been: 'The sequels to the first Halo sucked. Let's fix that.' We've already seen a little bit of this with Halo: ODST, wherein Bungie returned to some of the core elements of Halo gameplay and ditched many of the changes introduced in Halo 2 and 3. Reach seems to continue this idea while trying to invigorate the franchise by introducing greatly improved graphics and additional gameplay mechanics."

After 2 Years of Development, LTSP 5.2 Is Out 79

The Linux Terminal Server Project has for years been simplifying the task of time-sharing a Linux system by means of X terminals (including repurposed low-end PCs). Now, stgraber writes "After almost two years or work and 994 commits later made by only 14 contributors, the LTSP team is proud to announce that the Linux Terminal Server Project released LTSP 5.2 on Wednesday the 17th of February. As the LTSP team wanted this release to be some kind of a reference point in LTSP's history, LDM (LTSP Display Manager) 2.1 and LTSPfs 0.6 were released on the same day. Packages for LTSP 5.2, LDM 2.1 and LTSPfs 0.6 are already in Ubuntu Lucid and a backport for Karmic is available. For other distributions, packages should be available very soon. And the upstream code is, as always, available on Launchpad."

Monitor Your Health 24x7 With the WIN Human Recorder 66

kkleiner writes "Japanese venture firm WIN Human Recorder Ltd is set to bring a health monitor patch to market that is capable of keeping tabs on all your vitals. The HRS-I is a small (30mm x 30mm x 5mm) lightweight (7g) device that adheres to your chest and relays the data it collects to a computer or mobile phone via wireless connection. While the HRS-I only directly monitors electrocardiograph information, body surface temperature, and movement (via accelerometers), it can connect to sensors for heart rate, brain waves, respiration and many other important health indicators. WIN is selling the HRS-I for around ¥30,000 (~$330) and providing monitoring software for around ¥10,000 (~$110)."

80% of Cell Phone Encryption Solutions Insecure 158

An anonymous reader writes "Mobile Magazine writes about a blogger named Notrax who has tested 15 methods of secure encryption for mobile phones; out of those he found only 3 could not be cracked at some level. '12 of them were "worthless." It's easy to take the software at face value when it "tells you" that the call is secured. But how does someone actually go about being sure that it is secured? Notrax did some digging and discovered he could break in to almost all of them in under 30 minutes.'" (Above link is to a slightly older description of Notrax's approach; then, it was 9 out of 10 products that were worthless, instead of 12 out of 15.)

Comment Not that useful as it looks like (Score 1) 188

I bought the Polar FT60 about 11 months ago. At the time it was one of the top HRMs on the market. The chicks like it 'Hey this guy has a Knight Rider watch', but it's not as great as I was expecting. A HRM is an expensive gadget I don't really need. I do train often enough but I need to do more longer trainings at a lower intensity. The current HRMs are made primarily only for long distance running but in fact they are quite crappy even at this activity: If I compare numbers given by a treadmill HRM and my own HRM (Polar FT60) the Polar FT60 fluctuates between 4-6 BsPM at a _constant_ treadmill speed 10km/h at the heart rate about 135 BsPM (measured by the treadmill's HRM, in an empty gym - no interferences with other HRMs). So it's useless to try to stay in a chosen intensity level if running 'open-air' Another HRM issues: 1. Run 20km on a 30 degrees Celsius summer day at a pace 11km/h and repeat this training at 18 degrees Celsius. You gonna make the 1st training at about 80-92% of your max heart rate the 2nd would be made at 68-85% of your MHR. Now compare your calorie- and fat-burn values!... wrong like comparison of apples and bananas 2. Human body needs about 20-25 minutes in order start the fat burn processes. Run 25 minutes in the morning and 25 mins in the evening 3 times a week. It makes 02:30 with fat consumption... eeee near zero although your HRM shows you sound 15% 3. Do the interval training; about 30 seconds sprint, 3-4 minutes slow pace. After 4th or 5th cycle your heart rate stays high but you hardly move from the spot. Compare the results with the numbers measured by your HRM at a constant pace. The HRM shows no difference 4. If you do swimming - you cannot look at your wrist while doing it

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