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Comment Re:Did Apple say it was pure sapphire? (Score 2) 111

If they're claiming it's sapphire, and there's no sapphire in it, and it scratches just as easily as regular glass, that's called "false advertising".

No sapphire in it? Did you watch the video? The show it's 85% Aluminum oxide (sapphire) with a very thin layer of niobium on the interior to improve the refractive index. What the issue is here is the carbon impurities in the sapphire, not that there is no sapphire.

Comment Re:TrueCrypt FTW (Score 2) 887

One counter to plausible deniability from their perspective could be this though: For instance with full disk encryption, they can look at your router/dhcp/etc logs and see that physical computer has been on the network. When you enter in your plausible deniability password you end up booting an OS that hasn't been booted in 4 months. I think they'll call bullshit.

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