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Comment Re:Memo: People hate paying bills. (Score 1) 236

Either every election is massively fraudulent, which seems unlikely, or the majority is full of shit — and very much did sign up for government spying, bringing the rest of us with

Except for the elections where there are only two candidates and both are pro spying, so you're fucked no matter who you choose.

You are setting up a false dichotomy here that implies that the majority could in fact vote for someone who would stop the spying. Alas, that just doesn't seem to be true these days.

When both sides are invested in propping up the status quo, everybody loses.

Comment Re:Disableable (Score 1) 371

you're making a false equivalency. You seem to be under the misapprehension that netflix is currently available unencumbered with DRM. This is not the case. Netflix currently utilizes drm through microsoft's silverlight plugin on firefox. All this is doing is switching drm technologies, which will assist them in deprecating NPAPI. It is not adding DRM to a previously unencumbered distribution channel. It seems silly to be this up in arms over what really amounts to nothing more than a technology shift.

Comment Re:Of course USB is a perfect system (Score 1) 288

99% of all alarms are false alarms. The police don't like wasting resources chasing down false alarms. In most jurisdictions you have to have a permit, which allows a certain number of "free" false alarms, after which you get charged a fee every time they dispatch to a false alarm. for residential alarms it's usually around $50. but for commercial sites I've seen it as high as $500. per dispatch. Furthermore if you are repeatedly having false alarms in a short period of time, the police will generally inform you that they will no longer dispatch to your site until you provide proof that the faulty alarm has been replaced/repaired.

Comment Re:Just my take (Score 1) 374

in addition to points made by others here, there's also another issue. Say the mother wins absolves the father of any legal responsibilities for the child that is born. The child grows up, develops some sort of rare disease or is involved in a horrible accident. The child tracks down the father for spare parts, i.e. bone marrow or a kidney. This now puts him in an awkward position that would never have occurred without this decision. if the disease presents itself during childhood, can the father then be compelled to provide donor material?

Comment Re:Disgusting. (Score 1) 686

do you really think Mitt Romney would have done anything differently with regard to the security theater? He is on record repeatedly as being in support of domestic spying as well as increased military spending. Romney would not have changed anything. the only thing that might be said in support of him is that at least he woudl've been more open about it.

Submission + - Now It's Easy To Tell Congress To Fight Patent Trolls

Press2ToContinue writes: Application Developers Alliance is running two campaigns to help get the message to Washington. First is the Fight Patent Trolls initiative, which includes a tool for sending a letter to Senators and Representatives.

The second campaign is Innovators Need Patent Reform, an open letter to Congress that makes the same key points along with a public list of signers.

As both letters note, there are already proposals in both the House and the Senate, plus recommendations from the President, that contain some of the all-important protections that the victims of patent trolls need. Though the future of these specific bills is uncertain, the building blocks are beginning to fall into place, and it's time to run with that momentum.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Suggested Beginning Windows Programming resources

BootNinja writes: Hello, Slashdot; I took a couple of intro c++ classes in college back around 2000 and 2001. Since then I have picked up a bit of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Perl. I've not done any coding in a couple of years, but I am interested in getting back in the saddle. However, everything I've ever done in past was simple text based web/console type stuff, and I'm looking to develop some skills in gui programming, preferably in C++. What books and/or websites would you recommend as a refresher for basic C++ sytax and data structures, as well as for basic windows and/or gnome programming? Also, what development tools do you find most helpful; i.e. compilers and/or IDE's?

Microsoft Sells Linux To Wal-Mart 245

Several readers wrote in to let us know that Wal-Mart is planning to buy SUSE Linux vouchers from Microsoft in the course of building out its infrastructure. These are the support vouchers that Microsoft must distribute to hold up its end of the bargain with Novell. Wal-Mart has been a customer of Red Hat Linux. CBR Online notes that the deal is not entirely unexpected because Microsoft's COO, Kevin Turner, is the former CIO of Wal-Mart.

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