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Comment Missing from the argument (Score 1) 850

What is missed in this article is that programmers do their best work in a language they are familier with, and with tools they are familier with. The programmers who want to be able to develop using FLASH probably want to because they feel this is the best language and tools for them to develop what they want.

I know a dozen or so programming and scripting languages but I'm most comfortable coding in PERL and PHP. If I'm trying to develop a product I know I'd want to use my strongest coding skills... and I certainly wouldn't want to learn another programming language.

There is no technical reason why FLASH isn't allowed on the IPhone. Instead it is a marketting decision.. one in a long trend of marketting decisions for companies to keep control of hardware even after they have sold it. I rank Apples decision to actively block FLASH right up their with Sony's decision to remove the Other OS functionality from existing Playstation 3's.

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Comment Re:Why did they call it "click fraud"? (Score 1) 390

Actually, this is just a case of the meaning of a word migrating over time, sort of like how Kleenex came to mean any nose tissue. In this case it started out when a company would place an ad with Google, and then have a program (or hire someone) to sit and click on their ads all day long. This was for money and was called Click Fraud. A program which did this was then called a Click Fraud program... because it generated fraudulent clicks. Now they seem to be taking the name from the program and applying it to what you are doing. Since you are using a Click Fraud style program you are obviously performing a click fraud action.

Comment So Ubuntu can ruin hardware? (Score 3, Interesting) 419

You know, it's funny. A while back there was an outcry about manufacturers who decided that installing linux nullified your warrenty. This incident makes me wonder if maybe they have a point? After all... they have likely tested the hardware for long term windows reliability. They probably haven't tested their hardware for long term Linux reliability (through all the various linux types and settings.)

That said, they could probably still support their warrenty on things they know won't be affected by operating systems, like the hinge of the laptops screen.

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