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Comment Re:LLVM was offered for GCC-Next (Score 4, Informative) 1098

Holy moly, I thought you were joking about that:

Are we really supposed to be rooting for the people who will only share if they get something in return, and will intentionally make things difficult to try to get their way? That's hardly the noble cause they make it out to be. And then when LLVM tries to be as easy to use as possible and doesn't ask for anything in return, they belittle it.

Comment Re:Diversity is good (Score 1) 244

More different browser engines is a good thing.

How so?

Monoculture has bad consequences.

Such as?

Seriously, do people tell themselves that Chrome and Safari aren't competing with each other or something? Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that innovation and competition have been fierce and that web development has never been easier, out of irrational fears of "monocultures"?

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 453

I was thinking more along the lines of repairing houses or helping keep kids away from gangs (why do people always think soup?), but there is this one guy who finished contributing to the gene pool, worked in community service, and will be remembered because he leveraged that experience to become President.

Sounds like that road has better odds and less work, and you don't even have to die!

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