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Comment Industry-wide reckless disregard - thats COAL! (Score 3, Insightful) 264

Every single thing we do has environmental consequences. It is a question of risks, rewards, and tradeoffs. Due to the rather large amount of free media coverage given towards fracking opponents, the industry has been quite responsive to just about every tax/requirement that has been enacted - many times complying with new regulations before they are imposed. I've also heard of cases where the drillers have improved local infrastructure to better than pre-drilling condition. I am not suggesting they are angels by any means. They are engaged in PR war. They need to conform anyway - conforming early gets points. Restoring to better than original gets points. Our media will spend HOURS discussing the Gasland flammable water video FOR FREE - and barely ANY time talking about how the water there was flammable long before fracking was even invented. To refute that one false claim costs the fracking industry tons of PR dollars. And Parent is wrong here - the Frackers most certainly take safety and environmental issues seriously - one mistake will fry them in the media - the PR costs to fix it would exceed the costs to deal with the environmental issue. Sure, there are accidents - but not the industry wide reckless disregard for the environment that coal mining (both underground and strip) caused in their early days - and hell, even now. For power generation, I'm liking fracking for natural gas (given the known environmental risks) over that of the coal industry. The human and environmental costs of mining alone is provably worse than fracking. When it comes to burning each for power, gas winds with no question. I'd rather have some modern nuclear plants over either option, but geez, the only 'today' alternative to high energy costs or fracking is coal. And coal sucks.

Comment Re:What a shame (Score 1) 386

I, also would pay for it. I paid for NewsGator in the year or two before Google Reader, even though it was terribly slow. I've jumped to Bing from Google when it comes to shopping because Google Shopping is now only for vendors that pay to list. I'm sure the Bing folks are salivating at the opportunity to create a replacement, more power to them.

Comment Re:I do the opposite (Score 3, Insightful) 532

Before buying a Kindle I actually wanted to use one to decide on the Touch, Keyboard, or Standard edition. Buying via Amazon has a 30 day return policy, free shipping both ways so it would be zero risk to buy one through them. Every retailer has the same exact price on them. Disclaimer - I worked in retail sales at a place very much like Best Buy 20 years ago. I started out at Best Buy, units were on a ultra-sensitive anti-theft cable that triggered three times while I was looking. All units on a demo loop which was worthless for evaluating the normal tasks I'd do with the thing. Best Buy has a 15 day return policy, they will not match Amazon's, even if I purchased their extended warranty. I went to Target, units also on demo loop, sales staff that was helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Their return policy - exchange only 30 days, no exceptions. I think they also offered some extended warranty that didn't include damage. Next was Staples. Same demo loop, extended warranty available, hard to figure out from the brochures what the policies were. Group of employees talking to each other 10 feet from me, no offers of help. I couldn't be bothered to spend my money there. I had to drive past an HH Gregg and figured I'd see what they had while I was at it. Helpful employee, a unit that was not on a demo loop, 30 day return for refund policy, reasonable price on an extra warranty that covers accidental damage. I bought it from them immediately. At each store (Staples excepted) I asked to try the unit outside of demo mode and they could not or would not. I also asked "Why should I buy this from you instead of Amazon?" The ONLY store that had a value proposition same or better than Amazon was HH Gregg, and their poor employee could not give me a single reason why I should buy it from him. I had to drag it out of him. The brick and mortars need to focus on providing a better overall value, and that includes their employees being able to enumerate exactly WHAT that better value is.

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