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Comment Can't Believe Comments Here Are As Bad As Reddit (Score 1) 520

Netflix does now pay Comcast $99.99/month for internet access like consumers do. They have to pay for their uplinks like all major websites do. So Netflix goes to the dirt cheapest ISP which is Cognet. Why is Cognet the cheapest? Because they skimp on their connections. So while Cognet sells Netflix all the uplinks they need, Cognet does not have adequate link agreements with Comcast/Verizon/etc. A dumbed down example would be Cognet is trying to push 1GB per second through 500MB per second connections. Packets get dropped.

The whole internet is playing right into the hands of Netflix who is trying to act like a victim. They wanted to try and pay the least, so they setup this whole scheme about throttling when the one who is actually the bad guy here is Cognet for selling service they can''t provide. They are basically acting like a webhost who sticks 10,000 website on one server.

Comment How you shut a 570,000 player game? (Score 1) 377

I went to one of the game sites and Indiana Jones Adventure World says it has 570,000 have played it. How can you have hundreds of thousands of people that have played your game? Unless this counts the people who signed up and spent less than 10 minutes on it. I would really like to know how much some of these games bombed.

Comment Re:Tech in schools is such a waste (Score 1) 311

Calculators are appropriate at a certain level of math when you have the basics down. Being able to use calculators in anything lower than Calculus is just not right in my opinion. I've seen them used at the elementary level, the excuse the teacher used was they "finished learning" addition and subtraction, so they can now use a shortcut. Is it any wonder why math scores are so low in some regions?

And what is wrong with memorization? You have to memorize dates in history, punctuation in writing, and elements in science. Suddenly it is wrong for students to be forced to memorize the formula to find the area of a circle.

Comment Re:crowdsourced (Score 1) 180

However, a company's name mistakingly placed on a list of entities for or against any bill shouldn't equate to slander.

It isn't about someone mistakenly putting a name on the list, it is about someone purposefully putting a name on the list. Slander is when you say something you know is not true. Someone could spend all day putting Slashdot on that list and X amount of people are going to see it. Some will eventually learn the truth, but there will always be those who forever think Slashdot supported SOPA.

Comment Re:Technology Blamed For Helping UK Rioters (Score 1) 682

People riot after their favorite team wins a championship. It is not always touched off by something violent.

To create a mob you need a lot of people. Social media is definitely making it much easier to do things as a mob. At first it was used for good(?) with those flash mobs of people performing musical numbers. Now it is being used to rob stores. Without Twitter and Facebook, it would be next to impossible to coordinate what is going on currently in Britain. So, unfortunately, technology is to blame.

Submission + - MMO Strategy 101: DDoS Your Opponent's Website (

BondGamer writes: For the past several days Goonfleet's website, one of the largest alliances in space MMO EVE Online, has been under a sustained DDoS attack. The webmaster has taken several steps in an attempt to mitigate the attack, but the attackers persist. In the past day, the attack has expanded to other EVE alliance websites. Popular EVE news reporting site EveNews24 says they have been experiencing DDoS attacks for weeks. The reason for the attacks and who is behind them is unknown, but it is suspected to have to do with in-game wars and politics. By taking down alliance forums, communication is crippled and chaos ensues for the affected alliances. When the only real protection against these attacks costs thousands of dollars per day, how is anyone except a million dollar company supposed to fight back against these kinds of attacks?

Comment Re:Skeptical, as a phone-using China resident (Score 1) 366

Speech recognition for purposes of translating words into text still has some way to go. There are hundreds of thousands of common words used in different ways and programming for all those possibilities is impractical. But if you have a specific word or phrase you want to pick out, it is hugely reliable and has been for decades. Haven't you ever called customer support before? So if the China wants to filter the word protest, it is trivial with the right equipment.

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