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Comment Bogus charges (Score 1) 220

I had a weird charge for "Auctions eBay" show up out of the blue on my wireless bill. I've never used my phone for anything like that. Fortunately, I was able to have that removed with a simple call to my provider. Better still would be if it never happened.

If you or your parents have a land-line from AT&T, I suggest you check their bill. "Inside wiring" is another mostly useless charge. How often does wiring go bad?

Comment Re:Pretty Pictures with Little to No Functionality (Score 1) 403

As repugnant as it may be, it is physically impossible for the population to outstrip the food supply.

Actually, it's quite easy for a population to outstrip the food supply... at least in the short term. That's when you have mass starvation die-offs.

Since we humans as a population (not individuals) have yet to prove ourselves to be smarter than yeast growing in a bottle, mass starvation will be the inevitable result at some point in the future.

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