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Comment Re:What kind of trains? (Score 1) 163

There will be passenger trains and freight trains. The tunnel was partialy paid for by a road toll that every lorry (above a certain weight) that passes through switzerland has to pay (LSVA). The electricity. The federal railway company ( owns several hydro power plants that generate energy for the train network. I don't know if they are sufficent to provide enough power for all the train network but if not the additional power is likely to be produced by nuclear energy.

Comment Re:Using a company field to extract key VM info? (Score 1) 397

Yeah I have been slightly annoyed by this too. It seemed like the most important thing for them was not to advance java as a language but to kill every occurence of the Sun name on every webpage, splashscreen and hidden property field as fast as possible. I wonder when they will start to rename the package structure of the API.

Comment Re:PC gaming never went away. (Score 1) 495

I suspect the difference here is in how PC and Console players view their purchases. With PC games, a game is understood to be a software purchase, something that has to be installed and configured, typically on only one machine and thereafter tied to that device. There has never been a resale market on PC games and they're not exactly the kind of thing you loan to a friend. The view of a PC game is therefore closer to the view of a MS Office disc.

I don't think this is true. When I was younger I constantly traded PC Games with my friends. Heck I am still missing my Baldurs Gate 2 disc because I lent it to a friend. Also I think there is this store for the XBox where you can buy games online too and as far as I know its very succesfull too.
I bought many many games in steam because they were on a very tempting sale. My biggest problem with steam is that they make it impossible for me to gift away my games. Steam is at the very border of what kind of DRM I am willing to take. For example I did not buy any Ubisoft game I was interested in since they tacked on their batshit insane DRM and I never will. Steam is a succsess because out of all the digital download services it offers the most useful features and a good mix of games. GOG is great but they are not useful if you want the newest indie title everyone is taking about. Impulse is on the right track too. If they manage to diversify and lower their prices a bit I can see them becoming a serious copetitor to stem

Comment Re:Not surprising... (Score 1) 145

While it would be nice to conclude that Linux / Mac users are just nice people I don't think this is the only possible conclusion. I suspect many Linux users are a bit older (as in old enough to have a job) which leads to them having some money. Whereas your average kid with no money will tiyically have acces to the Family Computer running Windows.

Comment Re:Let me rewrite the headline (Score 1) 295

Civ IV was the best Civ I ever played (I played a bit of Civ 1 and a lot of Civ II and Test of Time (not from Sid I know)). Periodic Internet connectivity is required for download. After tha you could turn off your Internet connection and keep playing as long as you want. Of course no DRM at all would be better but compared to the alternative soulutions by ubisoft etc steam is vastly more consumer friendly.

Comment Re:I live under the transatlantic flight path. (Score 1) 410

Well to be fair you must aknowledge that trains are paked full and there often are no rental cars available anyomre. And if you wan't to go to some place really far away ground transportation is sub optimal if you could not plan for the additional traveling time up front. Relatives of mine wanted to go on a week long vacation in Egypt. They had to cancel that plan.

Comment Re:They also left out a good deal of context (Score 1) 973

No it's not. If we'd actually, you know, declare war on a country that would be a different story. This was a UN police action that spiraled horribly out of control & has frankly, gone on way longer than it should have.

I don't think the UN has an active police mission in iraq. It never approved of the use of force in the first place.

Comment Re:How are we supposed to understand this? (Score 1) 1671

Parent is absolutly spot on. Every time something like this happens there will be more angry men planing to hurt these guys that invaded their country sitting untouchable in their tanks and planes or even thousands of miles away controlling drones.
They can't hit them in conventional ways so they respond in the only way they can.
If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail. The army should get some new tools.

Comment Re:How are we supposed to understand this? (Score 1) 1671

How the hell can it this be justified by the circumstances. The attitude alone was repulsing. The gunner hoped for the badly wounded guy to crawl near a weapon so he could open up on him. In any case the ease with witch they killed those people is deeply disturbing.

Also how could all four members of those gunships be ok with the decision shoot the van? Even if it was paked full of rpgs witch it was clearly not it would have been no immediate threat to the choppers. They had it in their sight the entire time and even stated that they were evacuating wounded.

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