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Comment Re:Google+ (Score 1) 321

I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for my friends to be granted access.

That's where I'm at too. On FB I only friend people I've met in real life, unless they're relatives I haven't met yet (due to the fact that my immediate family moved from Europe to New Zealand when I was 5).
Lot's of them are not techies, so I'm not sure if they'll ever move to G+. I will be giving them every encouragement though.


Comment Re:Google+ (Score 2) 321

[Google +] lacks a "killer feature" though that would make anyone use it over FB. Unless it gets something that will make people use it over using FB, it will probably languish, then die like Wave, Google Health, etc.

* Hangouts (up to 10 people in a video chat room)
* Circles (a method for fine-tuning whose posts appear in your stream and who can see your posts)
* Absence of FarmVille etc.

Those are killer features for me.

Comment Re:KDE is really good now.. (Score 1) 105

> KDE has improved *greatly* since its 4.4.x days. It is a lot snappier, less buggy and doesn't clutter up your desktop like it used to.


So, from the 4.0 days that made me curse it after how nice 3.5 was, I have to say, they have me hooked again.

4.0 is what made me ditch KDE. Now running gnome-based LinuxMint and loving it. I might try KDE again in a few years, but I was badly burnt by moving from 3.5.x to 4.0 so there will have to be a compelling reason to go back.

Comment Re:The will to be free (Score 1) 648

The letter isn't the issue - the issue is at the device should be at the absolute root of the file system. I don't care if you call the pen-drive G:, pendrive or bubblegumpopannoyingnamesomething, but don't put it somewhere that isn't *immediately* visible...

The only place where it is *immediately* visible is if it appears as an icon on the desktop or opens in a new file manager window as soon as you insert the storage medium. Both Windows and Linux (gnome/KDE) can be set up to do this.

In Windows, to find the drive letters I have to go to "My Computer" or something like that. In Linux, KDE and gnome both have an equivalent to "My Computer" that shows all mounted storage media.

Both are equally visible.

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