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Spammers Moving To Disposable Domains 147

Trailrunner7 writes "Spammers and the botnet operators they're allied with are continuing to adapt their techniques to evade security technologies, and now are using what amount to disposable domains for their activities. A new report shows that the spammers are buying dozens of domains at a time and moving from one to another as often as several times a day to prevent shutdowns. New research shows that the amount of time that a spammer uses a given domain is basically a day or less. The company looked at 60 days worth of data from their customers and found that more than 70 percent of the domains used by spammers are active for a day or less."

Comment Re:Me too (Score 1) 887

for me, the bike ride IS the workout. i live about 4 miles from work. i am, however, lucky in that my job pays for my gym membership. so i signed up to a gym that's one block from my place of work. in the morning, i shower there and change into my work clothes (jeans and a t-shirt mostly) which i carry with me in a bag. actually, i don't really use the gym for much more than the daily shower. i'm fit from cycling eight miles a day. i don't carry my laptop in/out every day (occasionally, i carry it in my bag) and tbh, my clothes don't get that wrinkled - anyway i don't wear formal clothing at work. as for carrying things like books in and out, well, you find out what you REALLY need to be carrying around pretty quickly. if there's a need to move a lot of things around on a particular day, i can always use public transport. that said, i have two machines for work, a desktop and a laptop. the laptop often stays at home.

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