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Comment To state the obvious (Score 1) 323

The MAO-A gene resides on the X chromosome. Therefore men can carry at most one copy of the gene. It is shocking that neither of the linked articles state this.
In fact, the second linked article is flat out wrong:
Interestingly, the gene did not hold the same correlation for men, who reported the same amount of happiness no matter if they had zero, one or two copies.

Comment Mechanism of action (Score 1) 35

From the article: The nanoparticles are made from cyclodextrins coated with PEG that contain as cargo the anticancer compound camptothecin. The selectivity is apparently not due to the selective uptake of nanoparticles by cancer cells but rather that the interior of cancer cells are more acidic than normal cells. After cells takes up nanoparticles, the nanoparticle breakdown releasing the camptothecin. Because of the lower pH, the break down occurs faster in cancer compared to normal cells.

Comment Re:How many flase positives? (Score 1) 102

Currently it is extremely difficult to conduct clinical trials for Alzheimer's Disease (AD) treatments since it takes a long time to determine efficacy. An effective AD biomarker such as this blood test could provide much quicker feedback to tell whether and experimental drug is working or not. See for example: The Role of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials for Alzheimer Disease

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