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Comment ASUS, KDS (Score 2, Insightful) 732

It is possible to get a decent laptop for just over a $1000. You just have to buy the models made by several asian manufacturers to compete with Dell, Combaq, etc. Laptops are beginning to push desktops aside, especially with the current sales slump that has hit the market. Laptops have higher margins and are still susceptible to branding (the whitebox social order hasn't hit yet). Manufacturers such as ASUS and KDS(not sure about them?) have been producing OEM laptops for the big boys for years. Now that desktop sales have slumped they are trying to push they own systems into the channel independent of their OEM partners. Basically they want to see a larger piece of that profit pie.

What this means to you:

  • Cheaper Laptops
  • Local Computer Dealers Selling Their Own Line of Laptops (based on the ASUS,KDS base models)
  • Laptops WILL bump out desktops for the mid-low, mid markets
  • Desktops WILL be around for a while yet, as the ultra-cheapies (family room PCs *for the Youngins*) and high-end (power hungry video cards, huge fast hard drives that are needed for video editing, CAD design, game playing, music archiving, etc.)
Check the notebook listing on pricewatch for ASUS and KDS models. Should see a lot more activity (maybe new suppliers) in the not to distant future.

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