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Comment Re:It's Hillary time! (Score 1) 271

Let me get this straight. The things that made the Soviet Union a threat were:

1. Having a nuclear arsenal
2. Having a large army with a history of regular use
3. Being involved in many regional conflicts
4. An interest in dominating the world
5. Propping up friendly regimes

Ummmm, sound like anybody else you know?

Comment Legal vs Justice System (Score 4, Insightful) 117

He may be guilty under our legal system, but as many people are starting to understand a legal system and a justice system are not the same thing. If we had a justice system, the Bushes and Clintons would be in prison and Guccifer would be free. People like this should be considered heroes for exposing the criminals that lay claim to positions of leadership. The legal (not justice) system that those criminal leaders have set up are designed to keep themselves wealthy and powerful, and people like Snowden and Guccifer threaten their wealth and power.

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