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Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 2) 644

No, Obama and Hillary took what Bush started and destabilized the Muslim world to the point that it's causing a refugee crisis which has the potential to take down Europe. Not to mention using drones more than Bush, and locking up more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined.

But you're right, it has to be racism...

You're an easily led buffoon.

Comment Re:It's Dotcom Bubble 2.0, everyone's ignoring it (Score 1) 163

I'm glad those kids go for "glamorous" startups and big name Silicon Valley stalwarts. That leaves the good tech jobs for me, working in technology but not in the tech industry. I develop boring old line of business applications (technically not a developer anymore, moved into management, but the same applies), collect a good paycheck, and go home at a decent time.

Those kids can have the "cool" jobs. I don't want them.

Comment Re:They deserve profit (Score 1) 288

Yes, because at an estimated net worth of $200 MILLION, Taylor Swift is not being rewarded...

These wealthy artists can fuck right off. Keep touring if they want to keep getting paid. That's how the rest of the world works. You get paid for what you do, not for what you did. These scammers who want to skate by their entire lives getting paid over and over again until the end of time for the same work are parasites.

Comment Re:Everything has an "app" (Score 1) 278

I've used apps that had decent UIs compared to the mobile version of the website, but the app still pulled all the data from the website. Then the site failed to update their app after redesigning their site, breaking the app entirely. Waited months for the app to get updated until deleting it entirely because I figured they were never going to fix it.

Unless there's some significant need for local processing power, I'd prefer sites spend their resources on a decent website. I'm tired of apps as half-assed gateways to web pages. Just make a decent mobile/responsive site.

Comment Re: Of course the guy selling the cars... (Score 1) 249

Used EVs will have their own problem, whether real or perceived, that a person is buying a vehicle that will soon need a massive expense in the form of a new battery. People who buy used cars accept that part of the life of the vehicle is gone, but usually those things come in form of a few hundred dollars here and a few hundreds dollars there when repairs pop up. An EV however has the looming several thousand dollar battery replacement in its future. That's going to be a problem for used EV sales.

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