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Comment Re:awful (Score 1) 40

I don't understand your comment? We can definitely take responsibility for curating our site and the community that is engaged with changing the way research is funded. I'm guessing your primary motivation for you as a researcher is funding your research outside the traditional, outdated funding model?

Comment Re:So near, yet so far... (Score 1) 40

Great thread here and it's awesome to see people asking these questions. Short answer: We're trying to do something new. That means we're working on finding the perfect balance, i.e., 'What hurdles do we need to tackle to actually change the way research is funded?' Ownership issues, how to disclose findings, IP, and how to build trust in the scientific community are things we debate everyday. And I can tell you this, we're 100% committed to making sure researchers give updates and engage their backers. We fundamentally want to change the way research is done: How it's funded, how it's shared, how we spread information and results.

Comment Re:I don't think this will work (Score 1) 40

Honestly, we're interested to hear more on why you don't think the idea of crowdfunding for research will work RE: "regular people aren't qualified to evaluate good research." With Microryza, we're trying to create a real-time update platform that is built around learning and discovery, meaning that researchers can give rich-media updates to their backers. We think this will put the emphasis on the process of research, let the public learn something new, and allow donors to keep researchers accountable. Do you think this doesn't do enough to encourage non-researchers or other researchers to "peer-review" within the site? That is, how you would suggest creating an online community where peers and non-researchers review projects in a "sustainable way"?

Comment Re:Terrible site (Score 1) 40

Hey Loufoque, you should be able to see 9 projects on the homepage; what browser were you using? Basically, we're in the process of continual iteration and that not only means getting more and more researchers involved (more projects), but building a "theme" type usability and having pages for each type of research as well (Neuroscience, Marine Biology, ect.).

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