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Comment Timeline archive (Score 1) 209

Take this random thought into consideration: arrest records. We've got a huge archive of them, and it is mostly meaningless data. We treat this data like it's the latest gossip, and yet it isn't fact checked against trials, convictions, dropped charges.

Nothing against police officers, but they make mistakes and ultimately the prosecutor and judge/jury decide if a crime actually occurred.

I know folks that were arrested and immediately had the charges dropped because it wasn't them. Yet that record still exists. What do these folks put on job applications that ask "Have you ever been arrested?" Even if the original was purged Google will find it.

And folks are thinking having EVEN MORE of this data out there is an advantage? If we weren't worried when Twitter became a "reputable" news source then i don't know what it takes to scare someone these days.

Comment Jeb's Legacy (Score 1) 255

Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.
History.—s. 1, ch. 2006-232.

Pretty sure that happened under Jeb's reign.

Makes dealing with government interesting.

Comment Cheaper eh? (Score 1) 77

"When there's no other dude in the car, the cost [of taking an Uber] gets cheaper than owning a vehicle."

Considering that they still need to make a profit on use of their vehicle, I don't see how this is possible. Especially considering a vehicle with enough tech to be self-driving.

Not only would they have to make enough profit to cover the initial investment of the vehicle, they'd also have to cover the loss of depreciation to remain profitable. And lets not even try to guess what insurance will be. Just because it's a self-driving vehicle doesn't mean it'll be immune from the other idiots on the road.

Comment Re: parcel data that definitively unreliable (Score 5, Informative) 117

As a data custodian for our county cadastral data I can attest that using the data for ANY purpose other than tax assessments is not recommended. Parcel data is meant to track ownership. It is not meant to be an accurate representation of survey data. It never has, and never will. Just because it "looks" ok when you overlay it with an aerial photo doesn't mean it should be used for any determination of property lines. This is why every time you buy a house a professional surveyor comes out and re-checks everything. We all know the house didn't move, but surveyors can't even agree on a the same location of a corner marker. Where do you think all this error goes when you try and do a countywide fabric of parcels? For a kick, ask your county assessor for the parcel line data.. including COGO attributes. Then look in amazement as your 120 foot property line is actually 118.5 feet on the map to make it fit inside of decades of mapping error. I've tried to reach out to Google many times to offer an update of our data to reflect new subdivisions. I never got a response. The product looks pretty and functional until you actually try and do something that matters with it.

Comment Re:Step one: normalize everyone's ratings (Score 2) 265

FFS, you're taking a vehicle from point A to point B. What more can you possibly do to improve upon this? If you got there in one piece and was charged the expected amount, give them a 5 rating. This isn't a scale where 3 is average and 5 is you want them as your spouse. 5 is met expectations.

Comment Re:Suing over something that can easily be changed (Score 1) 291

Why a lawsuit? Because this is (according the the suit) a wrong by which the legal system allows relief (read: money). In case of the lawyers, there is enough money that warrants their attention. There is no right, wrong, or good ideas when it comes to the legal system. If your rights were violated (accidentally or willfully) and you can navigate the legal system go for it. Why pass up a free lotto ticket? Even though Comcast is doing something seemingly beneficial to all, they did so in a manner that (possibly) infringed on their customers. Meanwhile I can't find a lawyer to file a case against a repairman over an $8000 air conditioner because they want $3000 up front.

Comment Re:Buffet vs. A La Carte (Score 1) 353

That and it'll only be offered as long as everyone isn't doing it. Reminds me of all the water conservation efforts. We used less water, the utilities brought in less money, so they had to raise the rates to offset the loss. In the end we all use less water, but pay more for the service. I bet this will only work for insurance up the point where hospitals have to charge more to make up for empty rooms.

Comment Re:Using SSN? (Score 1) 74

One would think that the fix would be for SSNs not to be the sole source for opening new accounts and such. Kinda ironic that the the credit card companies are the ones causing this problem by not requiring better proof of identity. Then again the State of Florida does the same thing. They ask for SSN when filing for property tax exemption for no other purpose than to make sure you didn't file somewhere else as well. Really it just makes for an easy SELECT SSN GROUP BY SSN HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 query to find where someone is in the system twice.

Comment Re:um... (Score 5, Insightful) 269

As a pilot, I'm not sure how to take your remark. I'm pretty sure the rigorous training and medical certifications I've completed will have you in much safer hands than the trip you take to the grocery store from your house. What are the requirements for driving a 3 ton vehicle these days, heartbeat and visit to the local DL office?

Comment Re:What about aircraft? (Score 3, Informative) 496

Because no one wants to invest in the amount of research and testing required to get a part certified by the FAA. All it takes is one aircraft to crash because of "smoke in the cockpit" from one of these devices to end them. Technically, I could face penalties for unauthorized aircraft modifications for attaching my GoPro to the wing.

Comment 20TB of static content? (Score 0) 983

First question is how much data actually changes on a given day? I have 20TB of data... 50% are videos that will never change. I think I only average 10GB of changed files a day. So, every physical drive I buy also has a USB external drive for backup. I keep the drives online and test the backup weekly for the content that is static. Critical drives are mirrored daily (usually to flash AND usb hdd). Less critical is on a 72 hour mirror (or on demand if i know i made many changes) I've lost about 7 drives over time. I just pull out a spare drive, start an immediate mirror and order another replacement drive. I stopped using real-time mirrors to avoid accidental data deletion.

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