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Submission + - The $40,000 Special Edition Leatherman (leatherman.com)

Bobartig writes: The well-known multitool company, Leatherman Tool Group has teamed up with world-renowned silversmith Adrian Pallarols to design a special Argentum Collection. The collection consists of custom silver handles and tools based on the existing full sized Leatherman Charge, and the mini tool Squirt S4. Adrian is well known for crafting awards cups and jewelry , and other extravagances. The Leatherman tools range from $900-$40,000 for the silver-clad Charge, and from $240-$3600 for the Squirt. The full collection can be viewed here.

Submission + - Elgato announces support for Linux-based HDHomerun

Bobartig writes: Elgato has announced support within EyeTV for Silicon Dust's HDHomerun, so Mac user's can get up and running with this device as an ATSC, or QAM tuner. Elgato's product page for the HDHomerun is here, and their FAQ articles regarding the product are here. The HDHomerun is a networked linux appliance that provides two ATSC/QAM digital cable tuners, and streams the digital content over ethernet. It's already compatible with a number of applications, such as Windows Media Center, MythTV, VLC as a streaming media device.

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