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Comment (1) pick a sorting algorithm and sort a list of t (Score 2) 140

(1) pick a sorting algorithm and sort a list of ten words alphabetically

Why limit yourself to 10? The difference, on a modern computer, between n^2 and n log n will not show up with that few. If you are going to make them write sort programs, make them sort arbitrary input. Then when they feel confident about their code ask them to sort 10000 words.

Teaching sorting help to better appreciate the quality of good algorithm, and there is nothing better for that than seeing your 'perfectly fine' stupidsort() never returning because the data is so large.

Comment Re:Yeah yeah (Score 1) 562

If you could view enough of the universe you would eventually see pattern repeat because the amount of atom combination is not infinite. You will also see all possible combination in between, that include fictional characters on fictional planets in fictional galaxies as long as these things are physically possible by assembling atom in various way.

That is if the universe is indeed infinite... I don't believe anything real can be infinite, at some point the universe overflow and roll over itself. Everything run out of space or time eventually.

Comment Re:Gnomeification? (Score 1) 184

Having all customisation option in hierarchical structure with description and a list of valid value inside a single interface is very convenient. It is similar about:config in firefox but for the entire desktop. Once you know how that tool work you can easily customise all applications, the alternative is to learn where all the option are located within each application. Although, I prefer the interface of firefox's about:config, typing path/searching is more efficient then opening up a tree.

Comment Re:Gnomeification? (Score 1) 184

Options was never removed from gnome. Stop spreading lies. Everything was conveniently accessible under a single UI; gconf-editor, now dconf-editor. Sharing instruction to modify was better this way then explaining a billion menu clicks. Also change can be automated. Gnomification is good, it is nice to see KDE catching up to modern desktop design.

Comment Re:I see plenty of people reading (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Electronic books are extremely resource intensive and require a massive amount of well-maintained centralised infrastructure. It's a huge price to pay for the convenience of "being slightly lighter".

It is not just slightly lighter, you can hold thousand kilograms worth of books in your pocket. The resource intensive and massive centralized infrastructure is only due to digital restriction management. DRM free book do not have this problem. Essentially, what you are saying is that electronic book are defective by design, but we can fix this and save paper in the process. Don't dismiss new technologies because of a few political glitch.

Comment Re:Hey! (Score 1) 277

The only reason you are severely underestimating the grasshopper is because you anthropomorphize the cows. All living things desire to remain alive, all organisms* feel pain. Killing and causing suffering is part of life. You have to do it in order to live.. or pay someone to do it for you, in which case you are an hypocrite not someone of higher moral**.

* That include plants, which is now know for facts that they communicate, are self aware and feel pain. Nature has many way, the central nervous system is only the way used my animals to achieve the goal of all living organism.

** Strict vegetarian diet also involve the killing of animals. Mechanized agriculture kill wildlife the field and in processing facility. Unless the animal-right vegan carefully hand pick ALL his food, he is a hypocrite.

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