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Comment Re:countering AMD's spin on quad core (Score 1) 50

We agree with AMD's own recent executive statements in CNET and CRN, that at the end of the day, performance is what matters and customers don't necessarily care about the implementation details of chip design. The reality is simple: Intel has quad-core today and is shipping it in volume and according to a wide number of independent benchmarks and several reviewer sites, we have led in performance across the board for some time. Intel's dual-core architecture (Woodcrest), for example, is handily beating AMD's dual-core architecture on most benchmarks today.

It's hard for us to comment on products that are not even available in the market and from what we understand AMD currently does not have a part they can ship. What we can discuss is our own roadmap and product line. Our quad-core Clovertown is here and shipping today and we expect the next generation (45nm), socket compatible, Harpertown quad-core processor in the 2H of 2007. This makes us the first company to ship a server processor on this next-generation manufacturing process, which is a real advantage.

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