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Comment Re:Honestly... (Score 1) 396

i work with a guy just like this! (you probably work with a guy like me as well - mr. one-ups-man. hee-hee.) my particular example uses "umm" and "you know" to such an extent that he is almost impossible to understand. the best part is when he gets really worked up. he will start to double-up on the "you know". and and and he will clear his throat 2 or 3 times during one of these "sentences". the part that really bothers me is the throat clearing all day long when he isn't talking. hahahaha. i know, i know. i am sure i get on everyone else's nerves also.

Comment Re:Not only hybrids (Score 1) 633

disparaging Ayrton's name by placing it in the same sentence with Honda? you don't know much about Honda or Ayrton Senna and you have obviously never driven a Honda Accord. Honda returned to Formula One in 1983 as an engine supplier for Spirit and stayed in the sport for a decade, at various times teaming with Lotus, McLaren, Tyrrell and Williams. Honda engines were considered the ticket to Grand Prix glory due to their power, reliability, sophistication and winning track record. Honda supplied its engines to six constructor champions, as well as five driver championships (3 by Senna, 1 by Piquet, and another by Prost), before dropping out of the sport again. Honda-powered cars had won 71 Grands Prix, by the end of the 1992 season. 1987 through 1992 - Ayrton drove Honda powered cars.

Comment Re:Blue Screen of Nuclear Death ? (Score 1) 467

i am getting my ass handed to me today on slashdot. hahaha, not my day, for sure. ANYWAY, look at this: by Kartu (1490911) Alter Relationship on Thursday December 08, @05:09AM (#38300928) Troll? I find it funny (albeit disturbing). "Very low cost", "very safe" and "very litle waste" in the same sentence talking about nuclear power, makes my heart beat faster. Adding "Microsoft" to already crazy picture doesn't improve things either. Blue wave of death anyone?

Comment Re:Blue Screen of Nuclear Death ? (Score 1) 467

Yes, you are correct - microsoft has nothing to do with the nuclear reactor. I think you might have replied to the wrong person. I didn't bring microsoft into the conversation originally. I was merely questioning why not include them after someone else did. Bill Gates was one of the founders of microsoft. Should his past be completely erased when considering his future performance? Did he not have some hand in the direction and performance of windows?

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