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Comment Re:Prior art? (Score 1) 307

The insight doesn't use purely electrical power. When the car moves, the engine must be on. The electric power is just like a temporary "afterburner boost".

Of course you'll void the warranty if you hook up some untested batteries. You think Toyota is going to cover replacing all the hybrid components because your 50000volt battery overloaded the 500v sized inverter? Or perhaps think about those lithium battery recalls from certain laptop makers... Do you think Toyota is going to replace your car because your after-market battery exploded and caught on fire? NO.

The Prius was NOT designed to run on pure electrical power. For example: the transmission oil pump does NOT turn on unless the gas engine is on. Driving XXX miles without lube is a recipe for disaster.

A new Prius, one that is DESIGNED by Toyota to be a plug-in hybrid is undergoing testing.

All companies want to make money. You'd be naive to think of any other purpose.

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