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Data Storage

Submission + - 48GigaBYTE flash chip (

Hal_Porter writes: Hynix have stacked 24 16 gigabit (2 gigabyte) NAND flash chips in a 1.4mm thick package, giving 48 gigabytes of storage. It's not clear if it's possible to write to them in parallel — if so the device should be pretty damn fast. The usual objection to NAND flash as a hard drive replacement is lifetime. NAND sectors can only be written 100,000 times or so before they wear out, but wear levelling can be done to spread writes evenly over at least each chip. I worked out that the lifetime should be much longer than a typical magnetic hard disk. There's no information on costs yet frankly and it sounds like an expensive proof of concept, but it shows you the sort of device that will take over from small hard disks in the next few years.

Submission + - Man Arrested for Refusing to Show Receipt at Circu (

NMerriam writes: "Michael Righi was arrested in Ohio over the weekend for refusing to show his receipt when leaving Circuit City. When the manger and "loss prevention" employee physically prevented the vehicle he was a passenger in from leaving the parking lot, he called the police, who arrived, searched his bag and found he hadn't stolen anything. The officer then asked for Michael's driver's license, which he declined to provide since he wasn't operating a motor vehicle. The officer then arrested him, and upon finding out Michael was legally right about not having to provide a license, went ahead and charged him with "obstructing official business" anyways."
United States

Submission + - The unholy terror of flour... (

kismet666 writes: "You see someone pouring copius amounts of powder in the middle of a parking lot, what do you conclude? Obviously, its BIOTERROR!!! What else could it be? Everyone knows the best way to apply anthrax to the largest number of people possible is to put it in the parking lot of an IKEA store during one of their once-a-year super sales! The fact that anyone called this in astounds, the huge hazmat response is even more amazing, but then to read that the poor clods who were trying to coordinate their silly little footrace are actually being charged with felonies is why every freedom loving American needs to emigrate. 44154&BRD=1281&PAG=461&dept_id=566835&rfi=6 Note the hazmat experts didn't bother to evacuate people out of the parking lot, but rather brought them from inside the store where there was no powder out to the lot where the suspicous powdered wheat was waiting."

Submission + - Hubble Teams with Google to Bring the Cosmos Down

E-Nemo writes: "NASA's Hubble Space Telescope organization has signed a partnership with Google to provide images from the DSS program (Digitalized Sky Survey) via the Google Earth interface. User will be able to browse thought galaxies, zoom and display additional informations (constellations, comments...). A preview of how it could looks like is available on the official Hubble news page."

Submission + - Australian Government tampers with Wikipedia

Matt writes: "Australian Prime Minister John Howard's staff has been accused of tampering with entries made on Wikipedia to "remove potentially damaging details." However a spokesman for the prime minister said he had never asked staff to remove the hostile comments from the website. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that "scores of edits were made by employees at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, including the removal of a reference to Treasurer Peter Costello as 'Captain Smirk'."

Submission + - Some VoIP Handsets Vulnerable to Remote Eavesdrop ( 1

SkiifGeek writes: "After news at the end of last year that mobile phones could be remotely eavesdropped, and there being a long history of remote eavesdropping possible on normal telephones, it was only a matter of time until VoIP devices were found to have the same capability (whether intentional or not).

In the last week there have been several exploit code releases and it seems that some vendors who chose to write their own SIP networking stacks are at risk of their devices being easily eavesdropped on. Now anybody can pretend to be a spy or their favourite TLA / LEO, right from the comfort of their computer chair.

These capabilities might be related to legislation such as CALEA, but it is more likely that it is a case of errors in development leading to this unexpected behaviour."

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