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Comment Seems to be the way of it (Score 5, Insightful) 140

Seems like this is how Facebook continues to do it. Expose the users without telling them that they're going to do it, wait for the backlash. If there's enough, backpedal on the decision. But only after giving the parties interested in the data plenty of time to mine a ton of it, making the reversal pretty much pointless.

Well played, Facebook. Yet another example of why you don't post anything on the Internet that you don't want known publicly.

Comment Re:Almost $800 to watch TV. (Score 1) 286

- Warn users who use over 250GB of data a month. The limit has been in place for months.
- Sell me 16Mb which I get completely solid speeds at all times during the day, with 3x the upload speed, at the same cost as Qwests fiber service.
- Get the relics off the analog network, which allows them to use their bandwidth better and offer more channels, and more channels in HD.

Beyond that, sure, maybe they're an evil company or whatever, but your facts are skewed and not representative of all experiences in all the markets Comcast exists in.

Maybe it's just me, but I've had nothing but good things to say about Comcast in the Denver metro area. Granted, I've only had to call support twice, and both times it was pretty painful. I don't imagine Qwest is any better, though.

Comment Re:One thing I wish they'd fucking fix (Score 1) 856

I'm sure if you had a friend that wrote a cool new game and hadn't released it yet that you'd require compensation from them for testing it too, right?

Some people enjoy playing with new things, even if they're not finished yet. They also like providing feedback about how to make such things better.

Just because you think you should be compensated for doing something besides posting on slashdot doesn't mean everyone does. Maybe you'd like slashdot to pay you for your posts too?

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