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Comment PDF Books (Score 1) 89

PDF books would be very useful. I could "print" them and put them on my phone for offline viewing, since I don't have a data plan. I'm not sure the point of books though, it seems to usually be cheaper to print it out yourself, though maybe a math reference book to always carry around might be useful.

Comment Re:As if anyone would believe this horseshit (Score 1) 526

Reminds me of ABM systems in Poland. Suure we're not going to use them against Russia right now, but in case when they step on our toes all of a sudden this becomes a distinct possibility. Otherwise we'd have built those systems in Iraq, where they'd be closer to Iran, strikes from which we're supposedly trying to prevent.

We would never use them against Russia. They have a bigass army. Russia and China are the two untouchables. We're more likely to attack Canada than Russia.
We wanted them in Poland because that gives more time to react, and less likely to be destroyed due to sabotage and/or a suicide bomber. Plus we want to leave Iraq eventually.

Comment Re:Your rights OFFLINE! (Score 1) 709

This exact thing happened in my school only a few years ago. Two black girls started a fight, two white male teachers grabbed them and stopped it. No problems arose.

Most of the time normal situations turn out fine. Some don't, but the exceptions are so rare they become newsworthy. Who wants to read about boring normal stuff that happens every day?

Comment Re:Enough sensationalism already. (Score 2, Insightful) 364

This is not simply sensationalism. There are broad reaching consequences of having an undisclosed program that can take pictures remotely. The main problem is undisclosed.

And why are you so trusting of authority? Yes people don't normally do intentional things to harm themselves, and this gets better as they age and get more mature. But many people are not fluent in technology. They don't know the problems that arise.
I am not surprised that technology got abused by those in power. Come on, it's slashdot, this isn't the first time we've heard of something happening that way.

If the student took the picture an emailed it to his friends we would not have this case. The administration would say "we received this information from an email from another student/teacher/parent." The case would simply not be there because the administration could easily defend itself.

The school had the proper safeguards to prevent too much abuse, but it looks like the safeguards were not followed, thus making them useless. The administration could easily open up the logs and show that every situation was a proper use, except for one. That would be bad, but much more understandable. People make mistakes. But when the mistakes become patterns true problems arise.

This isn't sensationalism, this is a real problem. It's blown out of proportion because the only ones that are affected are those in the school district, but at the same time it teaches some others privacy controls, and that is a much needed lesson.

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