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Comment Bad design.... (Score 1) 137

Really, you need a thumbscan to call 911 (or 999)? I understand locking out non emergency numbers and other phone functions, but this could have very easily cost this woman her life (I am impressed 4 year old could do this but OTOH, I think back to 1982 and being able to figure out how to work my older brother's high end for the time Casio digital watch when I was around this kid's age) digitalwatch

Comment Re: Lots of work to do (Score 1) 160

Wow, I just had a flashback to all the stink that arose here when it was revealed that the Pentium 3 cpus would have a unique numerical id Damn, so quaint in this age of locked and signed boot loaders, malware from illigitimate and "legitimate" companies*cough*Sony*cough*, all the major commercial computer and phone operating systems constantly phoning home with shitloads of user info, games with DRM that require an always on internet connection just to load, and other such shit to remind us that we are fast backsliding into Feudal times.

Comment Re: Lots of work to do (Score 1) 160

I never get those on my tablet or phone, but that is because they are generally gimped compared to a desktop or laptop computer (even though there is no real technical reason they can't do what a "proper" computer can , the marketeers demanded these hobbles). If you are using a "proper" desktop computer, Google must ass-u-me the user is some Ev1l SpAm 73rr0r ha>0r and must prove they are innocent. (Yes, I know what our forefathers said, but right now they are bound and gagged and dressed in a silly clown suit, proverbaly speaking. Not even the peasants take seriously or care what they had to say anymore. Citizen Rights? That is so last millenium!) If you are using a browser where you can change the User-Agent string that it sends out to match an Android browser, you may be able to get around this, but be prepared to to be bombarded with "This stupid web site works best with our app!" messages, or be locked out entirely from some sites by this until you change the string back.

Comment Re: Not in 2017 (Score 1) 241

After this past winter, I am in the "fuck the earth" mood. But yes, Nintendo should owe up to it's mistake, exchange the defective systems, and sell the returned/unsold defects at a discount and labled as "working but imperfect" Everybody's happy and the whalez won't explode or whatever.

Comment Re: Not in 2017 (Score 1) 241

I remember when a few dead pixels were considered normal and acceptable on the tiny few inch color LCDs of the early 1990s, but that was because color LCD screens were still a very new and very expensive technology back then. I can buy a 20$ shit hand held "300-in-1" pirate game system in one of those questionable electronics shops you find in the downtowns of major cities that consistantly have perfectly good screens. I expect no dead pixels in a system that costs hundreds from one of the biggest game companies in the world

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