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Comment Re: Then maybe Democrats should change policies (Score 1) 341

I was with you till the last item. Being transgender is a helluva lot more involved than just "changing your name to a woman's name" I don't like Caitlyn Jenner, because she did not earn her transition and instead bought her way through it. She did not have to face being abandoned by her entite family, or have to face threats and violence, or have severe depreesion and suicidal thoughts which are often followed by self harm (cutting, etc...), or be denied employment and be forced to do degrading sex work where you have to worry if you will be beaten, tortured, or killed by your client AND getting caught by the police, just to survive. This is what most transgender women and men who don't have $100 million sitting in their bank accounts have to go through. To me, she is just as alien and out of touch as any big celebrity or politician.

Comment Re: okay... (Score 0) 360

I've seen idiot patents let toddlers roam free at the end of the Santa Monica pier, jumping up and down on the seats/steps there shaking everybody up, and climb on and around complete strangers! If one of these kids gets snatched up, I hope both the perp and the idiot parent(s) both go to prison

Comment Bad design.... (Score 1) 137

Really, you need a thumbscan to call 911 (or 999)? I understand locking out non emergency numbers and other phone functions, but this could have very easily cost this woman her life (I am impressed 4 year old could do this but OTOH, I think back to 1982 and being able to figure out how to work my older brother's high end for the time Casio digital watch when I was around this kid's age) digitalwatch

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