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Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 745

Things like bread don't get more expensive because of shortages though, they get more expensive as the value of the dollar is diluted. where as gold technically has not.

I heard an interesting quote about gold in that 2000 years ago you could take an ounce of gold and buy a fine pair of shoes, a robe and a belt, just like nowadays you could get a fine pair of shoes a suit and a belt for about an ounce of gold.

Things appear to have gone up in price but that is simply because inflation devalues the dollars, like watering down juice.

Comment Re:Inflation is different then market fluxuation (Score 2) 745

It may be finite, but if it's as much as currently exists it's going to have an impact, to put it mildly. Ask the Spanish what happens when a ton of gold is brought in.

Well assuming that these mining corp. that are bringing in this off world gold, they are likely doing it for profit. If they're own activities are going to be cutting into their profits I am sure they would be holding back similar to how the diamond corp.s were portrayed in the end of the movie blood diamond, in order to guard their profits.

However, this brings up another point. Before the establishment of the Fed, there were bank runs on a pretty regular basis. The Fed acts as sort of a shock absorber - what serves this function otherwise?

It is hard to imagine a different system when we are so entrenched in the current one, but also consider that these historic scenarios never had to deal with electronic transfer money either. Also maybe higher reserves would prevent this, (In Canada banks are not required to hold anything in reserve) and even now there are limits on withdraw maximums on most accounts. Back in its creation the Bank of Canada had a pretty good model, but since sometime in the late seventies I believe the private bankers have had their way with legislation and have kind of taken over. Since then the national debt has skyrocketed.

And another question: what would the value of gold have to be if it needed to cover all the money that currently exists?

I am not sure I understand this one, are you suggesting that we are required to have the physical gold to pay off the existing debts in order to move off the current system? or are you suggesting that we artificially put a value on the gold instead of letting the market determine that? My problem for the first one is that the compound interest accrued on valueless fiat money that was created out of thin air with no natural limit, is going to be impossible to ever pay off let alone find some gold to back all of it up. I don't think the system can be fixed, and it also is not broken, it is functioning exactly as it was intended, though since it is basically a pyramid scheme I personally don't think the current model has any chance of survival for much longer.

The current system was designed to NOT be tied to a resource. I recommend anyone interested that they check out the creature from Jekyll island.

Comment Inflation is different then market fluxuation (Score 2) 745

An interesting concept but thats still a finite amount of gold, even when it's amount seems astronomical in surface value. Consider what was the cost to acquire this haul? moving that much mass in gold from space would cost a fortune in itself so I am not sure that that "small" and limited amount of inflation would vastly effect the perceived value of gold long term any more then finding a mother lode. While the amount of value stealing inflation from running a printing press at little to no cost for nearly a hundred years is far more shattering then your scenario.

When a government with a finite amount of money requires more money for what ever reason (perhaps one the public is not in favour of such as going to war?) they need to ask for more money through direct taxes to the people. When they have a federal reserve system they just get the bank to run off some more money (inflation), and pass the debt for the no value paper money back to the people, who then have to create something of value to pay for the debt of the money that never had any value of it's own. Inflation is stealing.

Also there is interest on this no value money. Consider that it is illegal to charge unreasonable interest rates for a loan. charging any interest on money that does not truly exist or have it's own value seems unreasonable to me.

Comment Re:What's up with the trolls? (Score 1) 407

I agree with you almost entirely, except for the part about not being "at war" The US has been at war for decades, it allows them to run at a sort of marshal law type setting, this is how the government can get away with so much, and the president can just do so many executive orders. One thing about declaring war is that there is also some sort of treaty signing ok the war is now over stage that has not properly occurred. even things as ridiculous as declaring war on drugs perpetuates this. this gives them the freedom to suspend the constitution and everything that comes with it. Consider all the acts that have been signed in that would ordinarily do away with constitutional rights had they actually existed such as the patriot act and NDAA and now CISPA.

Comment law is a law (Score 1) 691

firstly law is always based off assumptions, they assume you believe that the law is the law and they will act on it accordingly, when infact in most parts of the British common wealth (and the US), it is not that clear. The law is similar to when you go to work, your boss gets to say you can't drink on the job or limit you to 1 beer at lunch. When you are in the privacy of your own home, you can have as many beers as you want. Most laws assume you work for the govt. therefore the govt. gets to act like your boss, when they should actually be your civil servants.

for example this is from the Canadian charter of rights which is deemed to be the supreme law of Canada yet this is clearly what it says inside at the very back. 32.(1) This Charter applies (a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament...

They don't like it when you learn about this sort of stuff because it starts to limit their power over you. All your govt. IDs are proof of this contract you have with them, and in Canada you can't get plates and insurance with out having govt. ID, So really this just amounts to them requiring you to have your Costco membership card to get gas.

You may disagree with me about the law but this is the way it is. If this is not the way it is then you live in a dictatorship not a true democracy or republic.

Comment Banks do do this, not sort of. (Score 1) 413

technically while this case the bill still exists, there is a counterfeiting law that was made roughly 100 years ago intended to prevent banks from making their own money, this law never conceived electronic banking. apparently there only exists about 2% of actual money the rest is even more imaginary as it only exists as ledger entries. Banks all the time make up money out of thin air when you go in and sign a promissory note.

The thing I never got is that the promissory note supposedly has value with the intention that we use cash to pay for it. but English pounds are marked AS promissory notes. how do they ever get paid off?

Comment easy because people tolerate it. (Score 1) 403

Not enough people stand up and demand it, but even still when that happens they will just run some sort of back room deal and pass it through congress on Christmas eve when there is only like 3 people left in the building.

Oh also legally "protest" means that you don't like it but you'll do it anyways. so if you claim to be protesting, you are basically giving them an A-OK!.

Comment 8 bit colour (Score 1) 511

actually you are incorrect, having 10bit log, 16 bit or 32 bit float does in fact give you more colour information then just shades in the same range. 8 bit colour is basically the visible spectrum. anything beyond that sometimes does give you more shades in between, it also gives you colour range that exists beyond the visible colour range. so if you need to adjust a colour channel in some way you have extra colour to play with and having a more accurate representation of light when doing composting. like having an 8cm ruler that you can slide 16 cm through or compress into the 8 cm frame, with out clipping your colour the same way when you manipulate your 8 bit colour.

As a digital compositor, it is my opinion that adding a yellow channel to a tv would be like watching VHS on an HD tv. it is not going to improve the original VHS. the change would have to come from the source and be carried all the way to the end product to make a difference.

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