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Comment Re:Users disagree with him (Score 1) 980

I guess I wasn't clear. Sit down at a Windows box, press Alt. That's a feature I want. What OSx does instead isn't a powerful.
Example scenario: using a program I don't use often, I might know that the command I want is in the menu under 'File' but I haven't set up a short cut because (a) I don't use it often (b) if I knew the short cut I'd also know the key combo as well.

Comment Re:Users disagree with him (Score 2) 980

It amazes me that Apple hasn't moved menus from the top of the screen to the actual window they are attached to yet.

Clearly you're a Windows or Linux user that's got used to the screen wasting and Fit's law conflicting Windows mutation of pull-down menus. Apple don't change it because Mac users overwhelmingly appreciate that this way is better.

I like not having to mouse one monitor over to get the menu. I also appreciate being able to use keyboard commands to open menus. I could never find a way to do this on OSx. I not really a Windows fan boy, but OSx menus are a big fail with multiple monitors in my opinion.

Comment Re:Domination (Score 1) 198

A 1990s Toyota is "easy" to make today, but if China starts making them in bulk then Toyota wouldn't be happy.

In a world where slightly outdated chips are "good enough", and the marginal cost of making them is probably a few bucks, I'd be very worried if a really big competitor was breathing down my neck.

It would be commercially suicidal to try and undercut AMD, because a price war would leave no profits for either competitor. So even if it's "easy" to start a price war, nobody wants one. Unless, of course, they happen to be a very large country, that would like to buttress their national accounts by driving down the price of chips.

Chip manufacturers are near monopolies, who invest their profits into research. Great. But chip design is becoming one of those problems that doesn't *really* need solving. Incremental upgrades will be nice, and I'm sure that there will still be some innovation, but many people would rather have slower innovation and cheaper parts than expensive parts and faster innovation.

I was under the impression that CPUs generally had fairly large profit margins. A price war might be exactly what China would want. Especially since these days China seems interested in world wide prestige for their firms and might back them with there very deep pockets.

Comment Re:as always depends on the person (Score 1) 557

If you're paying $1000+ in texts per semester you are do it wrong. I made it through my last 2 years paying $500 (nope not $500/semester, $500 total over 2 years) doing a math degree. It would have been less but I prefer not to sell most of my texts back.

Buy your texts as ebooks saves you roughly 50%
Borrow them from the library save 100% (pay some late fees and keep it the full semester save 90%)
Buy the "international edition" (questionable legality?....oh well like you said "fuck McGraw Hill") I paid as little as $17 for a softcover international shipped when the book store wanted $150 (hardcover edition). The pages were thiner, and there was some chinese characters on the front but it was otherwise identical on the inside.
Buy/borrow from a friend
Buy used from Amazon, you can sometimes even make money doing this. I bought a physics text and then sold it back to the book store for more than I paid.

The book store is only for if you really want to take the plastic off or you put off buying book until classes started (even still there rush shipping on almost any site).

Comment Re:We don't fear reprisal now... (Score 1) 407

Already in Canada you CANNOT BE SUED FOR DOWNLOADING MUSIC for personal use*. Let me be clear, I do not mean I song that you own, I just mean any old song. This is due to our copyright laws which are admittedly a bit strange compared to other countries. This has been tested in the Supreme Court of Canada.

This essential is forcing you to buy a right** that you already have (and already pay for again with the blank media tax).

**I'm abusing this word I know

Comment Some observations (Score 1) 2254

Some observations I didn't notice elsewhere (I didn't look very hard)
1. Autoscroll is annoying to use in Opera 11 (build 1156). The side bar goes up and down and that's annoying as hell. Not true in FF or Chrome so it could just be Opera's fault.
2. Holy crap! Slashdot actually works in the default Android browser. Reading AND replying!
3. Replying to comments doesn't work well in Miren. This was true before.
4. Opera Mini and Mobile are still hopeless with this site, but they at least can load the front page now.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 845

I use MediaMonkey ( It's not perfect either but I've rarely had problems with it.

I like that it has flac support (no fiddling required) and it's not bogged down with 1TB of music (30000 songs) like most others seem to. Also you can probably sync your iPod with it. I can't verify this because I don't have one, but others have said it works fine, while others can't get it to work without specific versions or something.

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