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Comment Re:Why XP? (Score 1) 346

Actually I would look at it from the other end of the spectrum. Real cash at stake? :D Sounds like "$$$ profit!" for some companies to me ;) By design? I don't know *tinfoilhat*

Yes, I am a Windows hating Linux user but the question is serious, not flame bait, why would they chose XP in the first place and why have they not moved to something else in the last decade?

With real cash at stake I would have probably started with a minimal BSD OS and just added the minimal graphics, comms and I/O libraries needed to support the main application. I'm sure others here have their own ideas of the best OS, most excluding Windows?

Submission + - Free open source YouTube-clone alternatives for DIY hosting? (

BlueToast writes: With the recent waves of content ID take-downs and backlash, what alternatives and options do YouTube content creators have to host videos themselves while still having the user friendliness of YouTube video browsing, channel management, editing, annotations, and highly-compatible automated video transcoding processing?

I like being able to take recordings straight from my phone and camcorder and upload them straight to YouTube and be automatically processed into different quality versions and guaranteed compatibility, but do not have the same experience with DIY self-hosted solutions that often are sensitive to the video format and troublesome to get working in Flash/HTML5-players. I just want to have something as easy to install and configure like WordPress while being as functional and powerful as YouTube and in my full control through my own resources. I have uses for this privately on company intranets and in public on the web.

Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 63

Authorities won't need to freeze RAM sticks anymore to extract encryption keys in memory when seizing servers?

Please share more details. I am curious in knowing about this "freeze RAM sticks" -- the part about freezing. This is new to me, I want to know what it is and how it is done! :)


Submission + - What would happen if a hydrogen bomb were detonated in an active volcano? ( 2

BlueToast writes: "The thought came to me after joking with a co-worker about renting a helicopter in Hawaii to drop propane tanks or buckets of liquid nitrogen into larger pools of lava. If a nuclear or hydrogen bomb were detonated above a lava lake of an active volcano, or perhaps even somehow able to withstand the lava for some time to sink down further into a volcano and then detonated — what would happen?"

Submission + - Intel breathes new life into Pentium (

angry tapir writes: "Intel is giving new life to its Pentium processor for servers, and has started shipping the new Pentium 350 chip for low-end servers. The dual-core processor operates at a clock speed of 1.2GHz and has 3MB of cache. Like many server chips, the Pentium 350 lacks features such as integrated graphics, which are on most of Intel's laptop and desktop processors."

Submission + - Electronic contact lens displays pixels on the eye (

An anonymous reader writes: The future of augmented-reality technology is here — as long as you're a rabbit. Bioengineers have placed the first contact lenses containing electronic displays into the eyes of rabbits as a first step on the way to proving they are safe for humans. The bunnies suffered no ill effects, the researchers say.

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