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Comment Re:Where's the legal content? (Score 1) 73

You should think about the big(ger) picture. Copyright is supposed to be temporary. What is going to happen when that DRM'ed software ends up in the public domain? Are we supposed to rely on people (illegally now!) breaking DRM schemes to preserve our culture?
(And what is the online store's plan to preserve the different software versions?)

Also, each new DRM scheme and monopolistic store brings us closer to the end of general-purpose computing :

Comment Coding shouldn't involve less math... (Score 1) 342

... it's Math education that needs to get better!

This seems to be a good starting point :
(Something similar to his "intuitive" explanation of the exponential function and of imaginary numbers should be taught in all schools!)

But then, we have to ask ourselves, how can a teacher properly teach (the most important aspect of which is to transmit the passion for learning) a class of 30+ children (or worse, teenagers)?

Comment Re:what about more realistic displays? (Score 1) 178

Or you need a display being able to replicate the whole of a light field, like an hologram.
(I'm talking about *real* holograms here, not fictional Star Wars volumetric display "holograms")

Significant progress has been done in recent years in creating actual holographic displays on which the image can be changed :
(as compared to non-changing holographic "prints" like this one : )
(though you'd need a mighty good graphic card to push 45 billion pixels per second?)

Comment Re:And the confusion goes on... (Score 1) 41

That doesn't nearly carry the rage that some people have for having black borders on the side of the screen.
(Thankfully for them it's the smaller UHD-1 that seems to become widespread in consumer screens, rather than the larger 4k, and the 4k source sides will probably just end up being cut on UHD-1 screens, rather than the 4k source being scaled down, which would result in (some) blurriness...)

Comment And the confusion goes on... (Score 5, Informative) 41

4k and UltraHD are not the same format!

(Digital Cinema Initiative) 4k resolution means 4*1024=4096 columns, and generally 2*1080=2160 lines (with a resulting aspect ratio of ~17:9). It has been used for several years in movie projectors.

UHD-1 means 3840x2160 (16:9), which is 4 times the "Full HD" of 1920x1080 (or, as it's often abbreviated, 1080p, with 1080 for the number of lines, and p for progressive, 16:9 ratio implied)
(While there's also UHD-2, which is 4 times UHD-1 at the gigantic 7680x4320.)

Most screens sold as "4k" are in fact only "UHD-1", except some specific ones, generally used for very high-end video editing, now usually advertised as "True 4k" (which includes a larger color gamut, among other things).

There's also an issue that if you run at 4096x2160, 60Hz, 12-bit JPEG2000 colors, the overwhelming majority of HDMI and DisplayPort cables won't be able to carry the signal due to insufficient bandwidth (it would seem that some monitors can use two cables as a workaround).

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