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Comment Re:Shelves - Android (Score 1) 230

I'd like to take a moment to plug a competing Android app, mostly 'cuz I wrote it :-)

It's called My Media Catalog, and it is also capable of cataloging all kinds of media. The interface isn't quite as pretty as some competitors, but I took a lot of time incorporating multiple barcode lookup databases into the service, so my users tend to find barcode/ISBN scanning to be much more accurate. I also try to be very available to customers to answer questions and feature requests; there are many users that mention this in the feedback. Definitely worth a shot, especially if you have lots of rare books/media, or stuff from other countries.

My Media Catalog at Google Play

Comment I'm confused... (Score 1, Interesting) 224

So wait... I'm confused, who do we hate again? The Galaxy Tab runs Android, and Android is open source, so they are good, right? But Android is created and managed by Google, who is hoarding our personal data and undoubtedly invading our privacy rights, so they are bad, right? But the Galaxy Tab's main competitor is Apple's iPad, and the iPad's OS is a walled garden that prevents me from doing what I want with a device I purchased outright, so competition against that is good right? But Apple's walled garden keeps bad things out and good things in, so paying a premium for it is totally worth it and justified, so Android is bad, right?

I'm so confused.

Comment They're probably just pulling an Apple (Score 2, Interesting) 497

I'll bet they're trying to copy Apple again. They're in Step 2. 1. Get Gates to leave for a few years 2. Turn into a brand that can be described as mediocre at best, always playing a game of catch-up 3. Bring back Gates and simultaneously introduce a new "revolutionary product". Give Gates the credit for "inventing" said product 4. Paint Gates as a messiah that will pull Microsoft up out of the ruins and guide all of mankind to better computing 5. Profit!

Comment Re:CDMA (Score 0) 119

While CDMA has it's own set of problems for sure, I've always preferred CDMA call quality over GSM. I also like that CDMA handsets don't make any speaker within a 5ft radius go crazy. It is kind of a shame that it is losing out and we will be seeing less of it in the future. From a security standpoint, I wonder if it is more or less secure...

Comment Microfilm lasts 500 years... (Score 1) 287

Last I checked, Microfilm (and Microfiche) was guaranteed to last 500 years by Kodak. Unlike JPEGs, you can read Microfilm with a magnifying glass, and speaking from experience both writing and reading, the quality isn't bad. It's also not horrendously expensive once you have the writer (I believe a Kodak i9600 Series Archive Writer sells for somewhere around 35-40k, depending on the model you get).

I wouldn't fool myself into thinking Microfilm is some magic solution to our digital storage problems, but it does go to show that there are ways we can save really important data. Given current technology, we could make something similar to Microfilm that didn't require professional development...

Comment Meanwhile at Microsoft... (Score 1) 658

Upon hearing the news of the botched update problem, Steve Ballmer pulled out his trusty Netbook while on the road to begin sending denial responses to the many complaints about the issue that had made their way to his mailbox. Naturally, his Netbook was set to the Windows XP default of "Download and install updates automatically" because his own trusted baby Microsoft told him it was best. Little did he know, before his last shutdown, the botched updated had downloaded and installed, and Mr. Ballmer was greeted with the famed Blue Screen he was just preparing to deny.

158 men, women and children died that day. They were found scattered through the halls of Ballmer's hotel, with but a single bloody chair wedged into a corner wall.

Comment Pen & Paper is less distracting... (Score 1) 569

For me, I found that I was much less distracted when I was taking notes on paper. I had one particular class (it was a CS class) that was pretty difficult. The first half of the semester I would bring my laptop to class every day, and attempt to follow along with the Powerpoint slides and take notes on each one. By the time the midterm came up, I realized I was taking almost no notes and was spending most of my time during class on Slashdot and other distracting sites instead of paying attention. My grade on the midterm exam reflected this. To solve the predicament I found myself in, I decided to go the pen-and-paper route for the rest of the semester. Not only did my grades come back up for the final, but I can definitely say I learned a lot more in the second half of the course.

If you've got wireless internet, you've got a distraction waiting to happen. If you really need to concentrate on the lecture material, I suggest leaving the laptop at home/dorm/apartment and coming to class with a pen and some paper.

Comment Re:3g? How about just some signal, period? (Score 1) 146

This is why I refuse to switch off Verizon regardless of what awesome deals T-Mobile comes to the table with. I hate everything about Verizon except the fact their coverage can't be beat. I have a Blackberry on AT&T provided by my company, and I will admit it gets similar connectivity in most places I go around cities. But once I go down into the Metro, or anywhere 30 miles+ away from a city, my Blackberry goes dead while my Verizon phone continues to pick up enough of a signal to make a call.

I think people neglect to decide what is really important for them when they choose which mobile carrier to go with these days. Is coverage most important to you? Verizon. Is the iPhone most important to you? AT&T. Is price and openness most important to you? T-Mobile or Sprint. Is push-to-talk most important to you? Sprint/Nextel.

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