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Comment Gonzo was never about the drugs (Score 1) 215

I have one major problem with TFA: the assumption that Thompson - and Gonzo - is just journalism about drugs. Anyone who has read Thompson beyond the copy Fear and Loathing they bought at their bong shop knows that Thompson's work was never about the drugs (Burroughs had already exhausted that boring genre). Sure drugs were there - because they had to be there - but what made Thompson great was his clarity of language and use of creative exaggeration in what a supposedly 'neutral' media. He wrote about politics, journalism, sports, and the American Dream, but rarely drugs. Most of F&L was highly exaggerated to prove a point and it wasn't that drugs were cool. It was - mostly- about the fact that the Old Generation couldn't understand the New, that there was a generation 'forever thinking that just behind some narrow door in all his favorite bars, men in red Pendleton shirts are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know.' That is why we need another Thompson. We don't need someone to write about technology, we need someone to write about the things worth writing about and weave technology into the fabric of their work so that a new Generation can understand it. The media is still run by people who can remember a life without computers and video games. But for the new generation, that technology has always been around so don't care - they are appliances. It was the same with the drugs in the 70's. That's what made Thompson so powerful - he could write about Nixon, mad from gin, roving the halls of the White House in a way that made sense to a new generation of people. He never wrote about anything new or innovative, he just did it all in a way that made you believe he wasn't another cog in the media machine, even though at many levels, he was. All flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet.

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