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Comment Re:But... (Score 5, Interesting) 220

Wouldn't a huge sieve designed to strain out the plastic catch everything else as well? Like, you know, fish and seabirds and other critters?

Having read the FAQ on the Ocean Cleanup website, what they are proposing is not a seive, more of a barrier - it's intending to collect the larger floating pieces, not the smaller ones.

Comment Not dead here. (Score 1) 515

I've been a long time KDE user - since the 2.x days, though I started using it more seriously when 3 was released, and I still use it daily both at work and at home. There's no denying that the transition from 3 -> 4 and 4 -> 5 were difficult. In the first instance it was clearly a rush to get things out before they were ready. In the latter case it wasn't quite the same, though some functionality did regress due to rewriting - but there was an added dimension of KDE relying more on Qt's inbuilt functionality instead of its own libraries, but unfortunately they weren't quite ready (or complete) yet. Multi-screen and session restore in particular were broken for quite a while in various ways. Both are mostly fixed now, which is good because I rely on them heavily; in the interim I just made do - unfortunately I know not everyone was prepared to do that.

I do follow and there are definitely passionate people still working on KDE - even some who have been around since the old days, though sadly many have drifted away. It would be nice if this article had a positive effect and brought some attention back on KDE. in any case as a user I won't be giving up on KDE any time soon - as I type I have Konsole, Kate, Konversation, Okular and Kontact (4.x version) open and I would have a hard time using alternatives to any of these.

Comment Re:Failed Actors (Score 1) 105

Roger Moore was actually the first choice for the role of James Bond in Dr No. Sean Connery got the role instead, and did a fine job of it. But it would be interesting to see how Roger would have done that film.

Except you wouldn't get that with this technique - all you'd get is Sean Connery wearing a mask of Roger Moore's face. A pretty convincing one, but a mask nonetheless.

Comment Re:OMFG compile! (Score 1) 113

As someone who has worked on a Linux-based embedded system, and had to cross-compile to do it... dude, Linux cross-compilation sucks, and there's almost universal pushback from everyone wo deals with Linux build systems, from Debian to Red Hat, and beyond, to any attempts to make it better.

Did you try OpenEmbedded / the Yocto Project? It takes away pretty much all of the pain of cross-compilation. Most of our users seem pretty happy with it.

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