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Submission + - Dyndns has 33 % price hike this year

BlueFigToast writes: "From the Nickel-and-diming-me-to-death dept:

Following in the tradition of Netflix, Dyndns ( http://www.dyndns.com/ made a significant price increase in their service this year.

Since most computers do NOT have a static (unchanging) IP address, Dyndns can be used to give a static front end web address to a computer even though the backend (the ip address) constantly changes.

The price started at $12/year. I paid that for a long time. Then went to $15 a couple of years ago. THIS year however, there was a 33% price hike. From $15/year to $20/year. If I didn't need it, I wouldn't use it, but it provides a seamless way to always reach my computer.

My router (running dd-wrt) detects an IP address change, and automatically updates dDndns so it always points to my computer.

Damned if you do, Damed if you don't."

Comment Re:Everything and Nothing (Score 1) 467

This is an issue new and dear to my heart. Build on the knowledge they already know. I migrated my folks off of winxp to ubuntu about 18 months ago. but I left windows on the machine, (i.e. dual boot scenario) so that if they just couldn't deal with linux, they could fall back. some over the shoulder help now and then, and I told them to write down their questions. it requires a lot of patience dealing with parents who are in their 80's - but we made it! rarely if ever do they use windows now. to that end, I have created http://www.pkill-9.com/ in an attempt to make linux accessible to people, especially n00bs. Wayno

Submission + - Yes Virginia Microsoft doesn't want U using Linux

BlueFigToast writes: "From the "und-you-vill-like-it" department:

rudolf_: the link you gave is reported to be broken
Blue1: hmm let me check it out..
Blue1: try this: http://www.wubi-installer.org/
rudolf_: same with that
Blue1: hmm works fine here -
rudolf_: "Oops! This link appears to be broken."
Blue1: what browser are you using? IE?
rudolf_: yeah
Blue1: thats why
rudolf_: should i use mozilla?
Blue1: yes
rudolf_: ok
rudolf_: sec
Blue1: m$ doesn't want you NOT using microsoft
rudolf_: oh
rudolf_: lol
rudolf_: you are right
rudolf_: it opened in mozilla
Blue1: tada"

Comment LInux Documentation (Score 1) 769

I have used Linux for almost 4 years now - and the lack of adequate user documentation finally hit an end! I created a site to help people with Linux, http://www.pkill-9.com/ and I am active on the #ubuntu channel on freenode. The best example I can think of is: k9copy -- No documentation, not intuitive so hey, I run the windows dvd shrink under wine! (works for me!) Wayno

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