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Comment Don't become South Korea (Score 3, Interesting) 427

As much as I like to joke that some people need licenses to operate a computer or use the Internet, this would be a bad thing. We'd all end up with license numbers and sites would start to require us to register with those numbers if we wanted to use those services. For many Internet-based services in Korea, you must enter a citizen ID.

Comment Korea does not do this (Score 1) 371

All Korean dramas and movies pretty much use Windows XP/Vista. (Ok, some movies have used Macbooks) I get so annoyed when I see a vanilla XP install/computer in the dramas with the default rolling hill background. At least change the background to make it look like people actually use the computer. :(

Comment Nathan Algren: They're not ready. (Score 1) 1100

Hardy Heron is nice, but it is not ready for everyone. I see coders using it and old people. Why old people? Because most old people just want to surf the web and check e-mail. I believe Linux is perfect for that. As for me, I've had no problem with Ubuntu on my desktop. But I've had a terrible time with Ubuntu on my notebook. I've been running the Hardy Heron beta and I still can't open video files from a network share and have the subtitle files be loaded. (Yes, I've tried using fuseSMB, but it makes my hard drive emit more sounds than on Windows) Every ATI driver I've ever used prevents my videos from looking normal. They end up all pixelated. (I know most of this is ATI's fault for not open sourcing the drivers) I'm in no way a hater. In fact, I like Ubuntu and it is installed on my girlfriend's Toshiba laptop and works great. But for my needs, Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my notebook is not easy to use to do what I take for granted in Windows.

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