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Comment Rabble (Score 1) 316

Hmm, how many times in recent history has progress been so misunderstood, feared, and vitrified??

Just read and acticle on this a day or so ago...

Jazz, Bikinis, Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games.

How will be possibly survive with technology purveying so much depravity?!?

Comment Insidious (Score 2) 580

Anyone else have second thoughts when finding a seemingly "great deal" on eBay or other online store where paypal is the only method of payment available?!?

Something about paypal has never seemed quite right to me. In part due to eBay disallowing any other method of online payment allowed, not infrequent stories of frozen accounts with no reason or recourse, no phone number (or other customer service options) available until forced to do so, not to mention questionably high fees for accepting money via their 'service'...

I think the word I'm looking for is insidious. Or perhaps monopolistic?!?

Comment FUD (Score 1) 371

Seems so very unlikely a paid technician would perform this sort of "install" unless they were deliberately trying to get fired and/or cause trouble.

Comment Funky numbers.... (Score 1) 609

Hmm... comparing launch day, to launch weekend, to 6 months sales figures? What's that all about?!

While I'm sure it's safe to say both Android and iOS are significantly outselling WP7, these numbers listed give little sense of how much. The only figure that gives some semblance of perspective is the text of the article pointing to Google's clocking 200,000 activations per day.

Granted, there are not extended sales figures as this product has just been released. Just the same, boo on poor journalism in not comparing apples to androids (launch day sales).

Comment Fake (Score 1) 325

Looks like Remote Desktop to another system running Chrome OS.

Is there any more evidence this is real than a 30 second video which doesn't even show it booting (which in of itself would be hardly more convincing without more details).

Disappointingly not the first news site I've seen this posted on with so little to show.

Comment How many people actually use linux on the PS3? (Score 1) 468

Isn't the Other OS feature the primary vector for PS3 hacks??

While I deploy removing a feature, is anyone really surprised that Sony would take steps to impede piracy, even at the risk of alienating a small portion of users who actually use this feature legitimately.

Honestly, won't MOST users who care about running Linux on a PS3 have a multitude of devices available which run other OSes far better than the PS3??

I'm thinking the few groups who use the PS3 for parallel processing will either downgrade the firmware or select one of the many other hardware options out there equally suited/priced/sized.

Comment My .02, as it were (Score 1) 313

I could see myself buying an extended demo if and only if the purchase price went towards full version (somewhere near 100%). There have been plenty of games I've enjoyed 5-10 hours, purchased the damn thing, yet never get around to finishing. Were I able to purchase a reasonable portion (i.e more than 50-60%), with the option to unlock the entire game, I'd be less inclined to download the full game for free.

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