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Comment Re:What's the tech angle? (Score 1) 754

Actually, I do consider slashdot to be a "tech" news site, I also like that they throw out a few of these little nuggets. I found this interesting even if you did not. I also allowed my nephew when he was around 10 to play with my "new" to me lathe. I was there watching him and he loved it. Children are so much more capable than most people in the US give them credit for. Heck, if they weren't, I should never have survived to even age 6.

Comment I loved Mercedes Lackey for Fantasy (Score 2) 726

I started reading her when I was very young and over time her books have become among my favorites. She is among my top authors that I keep an eye out for. There are probably less than 20 authors that I keep an eye out for their books and want when I see a new one.

One author that I loved when I was younger was Piers Anthony. I loved the early Xanth books and the Incarnations of Immortality books. I've drifted away from the Xanth books because they seem like he is just putting them out for the puns he gets from fans. They just don't seem as fun anymore to me. Also his single novels have never done much for me. He seems to do much better with series. A really good Sci-Fi series of his I loved when I was younger was his Bio of a Space Tyrant series but that contains some things you may find objectionable to a young reader. Of course, I was reading hard Sci-Fi before I was a teenager, including some of the Gor books with their sexual situations and it never scarred me.My uncle used to tease me about them though. :) But I haven't become a fetishist that likes to tie up women and treat them as slaves so I guess I can say that they didn't hurt me any. :)

Comment When I was a kid (Score 2) 118

My father got us a real microscope. One that used batteries for the light or we could flip the light and use the mirror. It worked great and we took care of it and it was still in working condition the last time I saw it 10 years or so ago. I am now 45 so it was a quality built one, very sturdy. Children can be taught to respect their equipment, I would say for the first little while you supervise until he understands that he needs to be careful with it. Preparing slides you should probably help him with for a good while as you need a sharp knife or scalpel to do properly unless you are just looking at liquids. But glass slides could be sharp as well.

Comment Re:LOL! (Score 1) 446

That's because with Standard Definition, you have around 640x480 pixels at the high end resolution and with High Definition, you have 1920x1080 pixels at the high end. Displaying SD on an HD television means that you have to use 3 pixels to display each pixel in the width and and you need 2.25 pixels for each on the height. So each pixel on the image is suddenly huge and makes for very blocky looking images. You can see it for yourself on your computer by taking any image that is 640x480 and increasing it to 1920x1080 and looking at the image at 100% zoom and comparing the 2 resulting images.

I have heard that there are some TVs that run some algorithms on the image before displaying it so that it looks smoother but I think those are the pricier TVs and it can't create detail that doesn't exist in the original images. Still, I have found that I can double a videos resolution and still find it an acceptable viewing experience as long as the original source didn't have a lot of crap in it.

Hope this explains a few things to you and you find it useful in the future.

Comment Re:Yea, just give it away (Score 1) 516

I can see why you posted anonymously, because what you wrote is pure and simple troll bait. I will treat it as a legitimate question though.

Using your arguments (which have been repeated ad nauseum here and similarly minded sites like TechDirt), the admission charged by theaters, athletic events, and museums should be voluntary whenever the venue is not filled to capacity. Same with trains and buses. In fact, since the venues might not have gotten the memo, people shouldn't have to ask permission; they should just barge in and claim it is their right as a free citizen to see the Broadway show or science exhibit for free, because their presence isn't costing anybody anything.

Wrong. Their presence is taking up space. Space that means someone else can't use it. That means physical space is worth something so those places get to charge admission. If they charge too much, they don't get very many customers. If they charge too little, they may get too many customers for their space available. So, again, you have made the wrong connections in your mind. With copying, no one is deprived of anything physical.

The fact is that people need to be paid to offer these things, and that holds true for digital products like music as well as theater events. There are substantial capital expenditures, operating expenses, labor costs, financing and marketing costs, all of which are conveniently ignored by the young Slashdot crowd.

I agree that people need to be paid, but only what other people feel they are worth. For instance, I hate the Survivor type reality shows and never watch them. I would not ever pay them a single cent for anything. Therefore, they are worth absolutely no money to me. To someone else that loves the show, they might be worth $20 per episode. Now if they charge $10 per episode, some people will buy, but most wont. If they charge $1 per episode, many people will buy even if it's to see what all the fuss is about. Many different people have suggested new business methods to make money in todays world. There are even people making a decent living with some of these methods. So basically, it seems to me that you are saying that I have to pay some artist or group of artists that make a complete pile of sh!t because they worked hard on it. Sorry, but that will never happen. I only spend my money on things that I like. If you wish to throw away your money, go right ahead but don't expect very many people to emulate you.

If you feel so strongly about your argument, why don't you organize a flash mob to storm into your local science museum without paying? And please remember to record the event and post it on youtube, that will be highly entertaining. Thank you.

And here you are just telling someone else that they need to break the law and maybe even injure others doing it. And you say that you have the moral high ground. If your ground were any higher, I would say that you are warming your heels in the fires of hell. Oh, and just in case you think I'm a pirate, think again. I don't download movies, music or video games. I buy my entertainment even though I have been out of work for five years. I am so low on cash now and no longer have any money for retirement that I am looking for a miserable minimum wage job. Yet I still don't pirate. Which of us has the higher moral ground? The person that advocates someone else to break the law and even more importantly cause possible harm to others or the person that still doesn't steal even when they have no money left? I would say that you are worse than the pirates because you are advocating someone to do something illegal that would likely cause harm in the attempt. No wonder you posted anonymously, you don't have any courage of your convictions.

Comment I have tried (Score 1) 57

When I was temporarily using my fathers android phone, I wanted a way to sort by price. I could, at the time, find no way to do this. This was really annoying because I had to look through tons of search results to find any of the free apps. It doesn't make me want to get my own android device because finding the free stuff to try out is nearly impossible.

Comment Re:Silly. (Score 1) 401

Video games have been about making money since the beginning. Arcade games used to last approximately 26 seconds a play, and you put in a quarter every game.

Yeah, I remember Double Dragon, I think it may have been Double Dragon 2, I got so good at it that I could literally play for 2 hours on one quarter. I also got quite good on Ms. Pac Man. They eventually were losing money on me because I could play for so long on a single quarter. The reason I got so good is that I would never continue a game. When I died, I started over from the beginning.

I don't do that so much anymore. I pay money for my games and there is a good story usually to follow and I want to see how it goes. Sometimes I will play a game over again just because I liked how it played e.g. Diablo, Diablo 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Crysis and a few other games. I much prefer to play single player as I really don't like the jerks I run into while playing a multiplayer only game.

Comment This is Dangerous (Score 1) 397

I needed a program and that was where I was sent. Either there or another site that was doing the same thing. When the program finished downloading, my anti-virus warned me about a problem. I deleted the file and it took me a while before I finally found a site that had the program itself and NOT a download and install piece of crapware.

This is also EXTEREMELY dangerous. The installer could download and install a virus or trojan and have me infected before my anti-virus even knew it was there. Stay away from these sites! The risk is just too large.

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