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Comment Who cares (Score 0) 328

I've been in IT 20 + years still don't get the whole cult of personality around Jobs. Its been said countless times but Apple has made their money off salve labor. Yet it seems to be celebrated I don't know but fuck you all. Carly fuck her to I worked at HP as she ran that country into the ground. What does all this mean - YOUR ALL SHEEPLE eating the same shit from 1980 - piece out loser

Comment Re:Really? People are surprised? (Score 1) 402

The problem is everyone sees the word classified and assumes it must be important, that is not always the case. Just because it is classified does not mean that reveling it would have an impact on U.S. national security. For example, the number of rolls of toilet paper bought for a unit every month maybe classified, due to the fact you could potentially determine unit size and strength from the number. However, it has no impact on the overall National Security of the U.S. The fact that he is a PFC. means nothing either everyone in the military has the equivalent of a secret clearance it does not mean they have access to anything of importance though. It is just poor journalism and over excitement by Wikileaks in thinking, they have something valuable because it is stamped classified. Nothing of real importance was released in regards to national security, but it sure has helped to feed the ego of someone that seems to crave the spotlight.

Comment Yawn (Score 0) 194

This whole Wikileaks thing is a non-story. Really, can any one tell me something new or shocking learned form the leaks? Maybe it was the startling fact that Putin sees himself as a throw back to Russia's Cold War strong man, or the fact that Iran's neighbors are afraid they are being left out of the arms race. No none of those, maybe it was China hacking Google or the fact that civilians dies in a war. Nope it can't be those seeing how we already knew China hacked Google and oh yeah this country drop two atomic bombs on Japan and helped fire bomb a German city about sixty odd years ago. You go out of your way to try and embarrass The Man you have to be ready to face the consequences.

Comment Re:I am not surprised.... (Score 1) 930

Actually, cars made by the same company for different countries are considerably different primarily due to the countries safety requirements and fuel mileage laws. These things can affect the most mundane parts of the vehicle anything from the windshield wipers to headlights angle. For example remember the Ford Focus in Casio Royale that everyone thought was cool? That was the European version of car and could not be sold in the States due to US safety requirements. I also highly doubt GM and Ford teamed up to destroy Toyota. All three companies have a vested interest in a healthy and competitive car market. Two years ago Toyota could of jump on the incentive bandwagon and destroyed GM's market share. They went out of their way not to do this and even stated several times they would do there best to support the overall marketplace.

Comment I'm pretty sure... (Score 3, Informative) 112

Most of these stories are puff pieces done for or due to the FUD big consulting companies like CSC, Lockheed, Northup put out to the Bureaucrats in order to keep billing rates high. I have over 10 years of networking experience and a MS in Info Sec from a DHS sponsored school. I have applied multiple times to various positions and have never received a response back.

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