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Comment Re:when being slashdotted.. (Score 2, Interesting) 37

Here's a link to the snapshot

So he's used a domain which he's owned for ages to sell games and make some money. Big deal. The logo's different and couldn't be confused in a hundred years. If Game Group wanted it so bad theyshould have offered him a reasonable amount, instead the offers seem pretty pathetic - less than a year of's profit!

TBH, the 1,000,000 figure suggested to Game group is probably a bit low, given 60,000 annual profit and taking into account how much further profit a big outfit like Game Group would make on the same unit sales with their massive margins. They'd be looking at well over 100 grand. If a company's values at 10x annual profit, that's straight past a million.

Next they'll be suing anyone selling games that have the word game anywhere in there name - gamestation jumps to mind, but they're woned by blockbuster now. I doubt Game Group would have the bottle to fight against another heavyweight... :)

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