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Comment Re:It would be safer if cyclists followed traffic (Score 1) 947

So what you're saying is that you don't give a damn about me when I'm cycling because you've been witness to other people being reckless fools on their bikes? That's sure what it sounds like. Should I conclude that all drivers are a menace because I see so many cars speeding, running stop signs, and cutting people off? Should I conclude that all pedestrians are reckless because I've seen so many jaywalkers?

Comment Re:No way... (Score 1) 812

Does not matter. Passing laws, enacting regulations, issuing EO's does not trump the Constitution. It's no different than if the government passed a law or regulation that authorized DHS to conduct random no-warrant, no-probable-cause house searches, or passed laws restricting the right to vote based on skin color.

It's funny you say that, because they've already passed laws that authorize the DHS to conduct random no-warrant, no-probably-cause boat searches: 14 USC 89(a) reads "[Coast Guard] officers, may at anytime, go aboard any vessel subject to the jurisdiction or to the operation of any law of the U.S., address inquiries to those on board, examine the ship's documents and papers, and examine, inspect, and search the vessel, and use all necessary force to compel compliance."

Comment Re:And nearly contradict themselves on the same da (Score 1) 745

SCOTUS claimed that the government has the authority to incarcerate someone indefinitely without trial.

No they haven't. His incarceration is ending. His civil commitment is beginning. All they've said is that you can still be committed to a mental hospital for being crazy/dangerous, even if you've just completed your prison sentence for committing a crime. The latter does not get you out of the former.


iPhone SDK Agreement Shuts Out HyperCard Clone 610

Halo1 writes "Demonstrating it's not just about Flash, Apple has officially rejected for the first time another alternative iPhone development environment following its controversial iPhone SDK Agreement changes. Even though RunRev proposed to retool its HyperCard-style development environment to directly expose all of the iPhone OS's APIs, Steve Jobs still rejected its proposal. The strength of RunRev's business case, with a large-scale iPad deployment project in education hinging on the availability of its tool, does not bode well for projects that have less commercial clout. Salient point: at last February's shareholders' meeting, Jobs went on the record saying that something like HyperCard on the iPad would be great, 'but someone would have to create it.'"

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