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Comment cad systems (Score 2) 100

The problem is if the CAD program is for Architectural design and drafting, it's basically useless in the industry now unless it's BIM (Building Information Modelling). Which means you need a 3D system to create a model so you can extrapolate any data and export it to other 3D systems. ArchiCAD and Revit are the only two packages I would even consider these days, and ArchiCAD has the edge especially for big business and collaboration. Don't even get me started on the new features of version 15. (disclaimer: alpha tester). What I really want to see is those two software packages working on all current operating systems. ArchiCAD is currently Mac and Windows, Revit is Windows only. Screw emulation. Note: Did not read the article.

Comment GOOD! (Score 5, Insightful) 255

With any luck we can get this farcical idea shot down somehow before then... I just wish every day Joe and Jane understood the slippery slope that is censorship. Unfortunately the government lackeys and christian rights groups continue to scream "CHILDREN!!!" and "PEDOPHILIA!!!!" and no real logic ever comes into play. Oh well, I already have a remote box in Europe anyway... this won't effect me. I just feel bad for the technical illiterate folk who suffer. I wish it was OPT-IN.

Comment Re:Confusing Comparison: RTS vs RPG (Score 1) 737

God this is worse then not releasing a decent demo to try before I buy... why would I want to buy a product that stipulates when and where I can play with my friends? An MMORPG is one thing, you expect it to be on the net due to it's thousands of players... a game that has every reason to be LAN playable that can only be played when connected to Pass.

Hilarious. I had no idea they were forcing people to buy 3 copies of the game for the different race solo campaigns (read in another post). If that's true, combined with the lack of a LAN feature, everyone I know will DEFINITELY be downloading this game instead of purchasing.

Comment Wrong question (Score 1) 442

I'm more of the opinion that cameras SHOULD be allowed in. If it's just regular information being discussed then why the need for secrecy?

Unless trade secrets that would ruin a company or real national security topics (none of the oh my god terrorism bullshit either) are under investigation... what has the government or corporation got to hide?

Freedom of information people, it is your right.

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