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Comment Bit of a Contradiction? (Score 2) 79

Is it just me or is there a bit of a contradiction? From TFA: "It turned out that Miles had noticed something no-one else had - including the Nasa experts." "Nasa said it was aware of the error, but believed it was only happening once or twice a year." So he noticed something no-one else had....then in the very next line state that NASA was aware just they believed it wasn't as common as he pointed out. So NASA did know about the negative readings but didn't quite know the extent of the mistake. I guess, he noticed something they didn't but this seems a little click-baity. I mean good on the kid for noticing a pattern but the wording is just grandiose.

Comment Re:Interstellar travel impossible?? (Score 1) 686

We have already sent 2 probes outside the Solar System? Really, they were just arguing earlier this year if the first probe we sent has even exited our solar system yet. Additionally, it will lose all contact with us before it gets very far into interstellar space. We could probably sent out a ship that would take a very long time to reach another star system, but communication would take twice as long and it just not very feasible. We can't even feed and cloth everyone on this planet, much less send a bunch of people on a very long journey into the stars.

Comment The Arrogance of Humanity (Score 1) 686

I think expecting intelligent life to have visited earth is a bit arrogant. The fermi paradox is mysterious because we haven't been visited by intelligent life yet? It is highly likely that intelligent life either wouldn't want to visit us, or maybe they have something like the prime directive where they aren't allowed to interfere in our lives until we can match them technologically.

Comment Am I the only one who thinks this is old news? (Score 1) 157

I know they probably made it official now, however, I could have swore i've read this a while back when they announced they were making a new Star Wars movie. As I said, they are probably just making it official now, but I think everyone was already prepared for this to happen. So its kind of a non-story?

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