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Comment Re:I'd like to suggest a novel approach (Score 1) 434

I agree man. 20 years ago we did not have this crap. I remember when I was in high school a kid kept stealing another guys seat and bullying him. So the kid got tired and knocked the crap out of him...after that day the kid never got bullied.

Parents wonder why their kids act so bad could it be that the entertainment sector keeps pushing the envelope because kids keep loosing interest in last years thing to have interest in the latest thing.

I mean think about it, we have a weight problem in America, why is this? We are stuck in front of our computers, our TVs, etc. This is because they are parenting devices and entertainment devices. We as adults make a choice to use these entertainment devices and because we are lazy we use these same entertainment devices on our children. Hence the reason why we have obese 5th graders. In the US we need to get back to basics and learn to turn off the electronic device and go outside.

Comment Why leave this up to the child? (Score 1) 434

How can they be sure a child will know how to identify a sexual predator? Since when is trolling a crime? Also where are the parents? Are parents okay with an unknown adult be it a police officer or a social worker getting into their child's business? Since when did it become the governments job to parents peoples children? Why not allow the parents to make the choice on if the police should be called. Leaving that decision to a child is just opening the door to all sorts of problems.

Also why is it that we now need programs like this? Kids will always be kids. Children have always been bullied in one form or another why is now that this day in age it is a crime and a huge problem? Why not focus on the problem of why now in this day in age when a kid is bullied they shoot up a school or try to commit suicide. Lets find out why kids today are "soft" and let things like name calling or different opinions send kids over the edge where 20 years ago this sort of thing would not happen. If we do not solve that problem kids of today will be in for a rude surprise when they hit the real world.

I am not saying if a child is being sexually assaulted by a 50 year old in yahoo chat that the authorities should not be notified, I think they should and in regards to that I think the parents should make the decision to notify the police. In regards to bullying I think in some cases kids of today should grow up a little and prepare for real life and accept that sometimes people are assholes.

Comment Re:The Good, the Bad, the Ugly... (Score 1, Insightful) 176

Prove we are overpopulated. Did someone find an Earth manual someplace that says only 7billion humans can be supported? I am sure wise ass will come back and say "We are overpopulated because people are starving in ". Well people starve in American and Americans are considered some of the fattest. So I think maybe we are not overpopulated we just have a food delivery problem.

Comment Its a Crapshoot (Score 1) 835

I think it is going to depend on the classes she takes. I ran Linux at UNT and had little to no problems connecting to the internet. I had no problems with papers, vpn, etc. The problems I did run into where the classes that have a little course application that came with the book that needed windows or mac only. My wife ran into an issue like that where her statistics software would only run on Windows or Mac. The school IT department is not going to know about that. Most of the wi-fi is DHCP, or if it is like UNT you have to register your mac address but it was just a browser based application.

Comment Re:I am happy to say (Score 1) 964

Yes it would cause a stir in America. If Americans knew Microsoft had changed the picture it would send the message that African Americans do not know how to use software or a computer. If the picture was just two white people and an Asian guy the Asian guy would be out of place and people would complain. All people do now days is complain about pointless stuff.

Comment Re:Rush... (Score 1) 289

Well I don't listen to Rush, dont care for the guy. But what does your comment say about you?
  • Rush probably makes more then you
  • He has his own radio show
  • Most people in the US know who he is

Of that list I bet you cannot check any of those off for yourself? So in other words if Rush Limbaugh is the bar to be above, since his is the center of your joke, you are below that bar.So how worthless are you? Maybe your brain has less tissue compared to Rush?

Comment Re:Apps installed OK, crashes OK, location - HELL (Score 1) 314

Well you would think that Palm would have written the OS in such a way that, like Windows, and *nix, that the OS does not care what the application is or what it is doing so long as it stays within its own memory.

Provide an API of functions an application can access, make sure an app stays in its own memory, via the API do not allow the application to have access to say the contacts with out a system message being displayed to the user first, etc.

As long as you have a computing system that can have more than one item in memory at one time, it starts to get very important how these things interact. Microsoft learned this a long time ago that applications could interact in destructive ways.

Microsoft did learn this, they gave each process its own memory space and required that each application say within its own allocated space.

Would you rather the attitude be that if you install software this removes any support obligation from Palm?

Dell, HP, and Microsoft do not void the warranty if you install software on your computer. They tell you that you have to first restore your system to its factory settings. Why not do the same thing with a palm pre?

Comment Re:Apps installed OK, crashes OK, location - HELL (Score 1) 314

I am not sure I would want them knowing what apps I have installed either. Why do they need to know? If it is a 3rd party application and it crashes have a filed stored on the phone so the crash handling application knows where to send the dump file or whatever. Palm does not need to know that my google maps application crashed, google needs to know. So send the error report directly to google.

Comment So What (Score 1) 1006

What good is a plug in car if you live in an apartment? Do I hang a 100ft electrical cord out the window and around the corner and hope no one trips on it? How do I charge it at work if I park in a parking garage I doubt my employer will gladly just fit the bill for that.

I think something like the Volt will be nice for someone with a house and some extra cash to spend since this car cost 40k. How long will the batteries last? How much does it cost to replace the batteries?

I do not think the US market is ready for a mass explosion of electric cars. A few kinks need to be worked out:
  • Shorten charge times, OR increase access to charging stations
  • Decrease cost so the low to mid middle class can afford this car
  • Increase the battery performance and reliability so the car can be used/driven for 10+ years

Comment Re:Authority Figures (Score 3, Interesting) 785

Because mommy and daddy will take little Timmy's side on everything. So they will take the school to court because a teach took Timmy's phone away because he was playing with it in class.

Students know that the teacher can not do anything to them, and that in some cases the parents don't care if they misbehave in school, or misbehave at all. So they do not respect authority figures.

It is one think to not respect authority when your rights are being violated, it is another thing to not respect authority when other people around you are trying to learn.

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